1174 Embarking on Their Journey To The Elementals Galaxy!

Two Months Later...

Felix could be seen sitting on a long gray couch in a magnificent futuristic living room that had smooth metallic silver walls and a sliding glass door.

Fenrir, Lady Sphinx, Noah, Selphie, and Olivia were sitting next to Felix while Bodidi was forced to remain standing behind the couch due to his size not being supported by any chair.

Everyone had already arrived like seven days ago and had gotten familiar with each other.

Naturally, Fenrir and Lady Sphinx were treated in a completely different manner as no one dared to address them disrespectfully like their friends.

"My new spaceship will be arriving soon. So, have you handled everything before our departure? This is going to be the last checkup." Felix addressed everyone but his master and Fenrir.

"I am all set!" Selphie nodded with an eager look, appearing like a child embarking on an adventure for the first time.


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