1248 Destruction Element.

Saurous was taken aback as he knew what that meant.

"Don't give me that look, I already said that it depends if you guys are willing to give up on your current lifestyle." Manananggal said.

"Are you even sure that Lord Khaos wouldn't follow us there? The void realm is covering the entire universe...Even that part." Saurous frowned.

"I am not sure, but I have heard multiple rumors that Lord Khaos is avoiding the other side of the universe." Manananggal shared.

"Is it because of the Paragon of Sins?" Saurous raised an eyebrow.

He might not know about those rumors, but he had heard that the Paragon of Sins was slumbering in the void realm of the other side of the universe!

This piece of knowledge was the only thing that the primogenitors were somewhat sure about when it came to the mysterious Paragon of Sins.

"That's my original assumption." Manananggal nodded.


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