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Felix Maxwell was destined to be a loser, born on one of the weakest races and on the least favorable of situations, he was forced to face adversity head-on as he traveled across the vast universe where dangers laid in every corner, one day traveling in hopes of riches he stumbled upon a ruin where a supreme being laid imprisoned, in a stroke of bad luck the being laid its eyes on him and tried to take over his body, forcing itself upon him. But fate hadn't given up on him! He woke up in his younger body, 20 years in the past with the fallen being trapped in his soul. In his past life he had been a loser, giving up on things mid-way and never striving for greatness, he was a side character who made the strong shine even brighter, but not on this life. He swore to himself he would strive for glory, he would take advantage of his knowledge and emerge as a supreme being! ...... Novel Discord: https://discord.gg/FTfXXYHnFT This is my Patreon, everyone is welcomed to drop by! https://www.patreon.com/MidGard_Author

MidGard · Sci-fi
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Date at The Widow Restaurant

After knowing that Asna wasn't going to leave without a bribe, Felix folded with slumped shoulders, "Just tell me what you want, so you can leave me alone."

Asna immediately laid out her condition after seeing Felix took a step back. "I simply want you to visit me here." She reminded him with a displeased tone, "After all, you already can access your consciousness manually."

She kept waiting for Felix to pay a visit by himself but to no avail. He never spoke about it, never bothered thinking about it. She really couldn't handle it anymore.

She prepared so many techniques and ways to seduce and harass him but the jerk never bothered to even come to take a look at her.

Felix's heart skipped a beat, but he still answered without a stutter, "Oh yes! I totally forgot about manual activation." he gave a forced laugh, "I was waiting foolishly until I reach origin purity to enter automatically."

Skeptical and a bit wary, Asna raised an eyebrow after noticing something fishy about his response. But, she didn't mull over it too much. In her mind, as long as he agreed to enter, she would charm him silly with her beauty the moment his eyes lands on her.

"Ah so." She yawned and covered herself with the blanket. "Keep your promise tomorrow. Have fun with that ugly duckling."

Afterward, she cut the connection off from his mind.

Felix sighed in relief after she left. He suddenly lost his eagerness toward his date after comparing Asna's beauty with Nora's.

'Sign, if I keep this unfair comparison with every woman I meet, I will really stay single forever.'

He turned off the water and dried himself up using a towel, he then went in front of the mirror and opened a VR store. He clicked on the clothes button and browsed the multiple different male outfits inside the gallery.

"hmm, not this one."...."Definitely not this."

He kept scrolling down, while from time to time enlarging a holographic outfit to check closely, but soon he shakes his head and continues to scroll.

After testing 6 to 7 outfits, he decided to settle with a semi-formal outfit.

He picked a combination from the gallery and snapped his finger. Instantly after, his naked body got covered from bottom to top with his desired outfit.

Black leather shoes, slim blue marine pants, and a dark tight shirt outlining his muscles, without a suit jacket.

Felix observed his new look and gave a slight head node in praise. He then rolled his shirt sleeves to his elbows, exposing his forearms. "Now it's perfect."

Afterward, he clicked >purchase< on the menu and closed the VR Shop after a successful transfer.

Felix glanced at his bracelet and found that he still had 15 minutes left before his date. Thus, he spent it modifying his messy hairstyle into a different one.

In the end, he went with a smooth low fade hairstyle. As for the hair color? He switched to his real one, spring green with dark purple tips.


08:55 PM in the widow restaurant.

Felix sat at a dimly lighted table that was in the center of the restaurant, surrendered by tens of tables, each taken by a couple. Nora was sitting right in front of him.

She came wearing a tight fit red dress that highlighted her assets glamorously. Plus with her long wavy pink hair and light make-up that brightened her antique ruby eyes and glossy lips, one could easily infer that she came prepared for this date.

Felix had to admit that Nora was really attractive when compared to other females, except for Asna of course.

However, he did not know if this was merely her disguise that she used to charm males or her real outlook, and he honestly didn't care about it.

This was the UVR where people were supposed to unleash their desires that were bound by morals and laws in reality, not a place where one sought true love.

If one wanted to identify his gender as a unicorn in the UVR, no one would stop him. This meant people could actually change genders freely!

That being said, one needed to first pay a hefty fine to change genders. However, those desperate would pay it in heartbeat, even if they had to take a loan.

To sum everything up, if someone tried to seek love in the UVR, he could only blame his own stupidity after getting catfished by a 300-pound male, who paid a fortune to appear as a gentle loli.

Felix raised his glass of wine and took a small sip while admiring Nora's beauty, who was smiling beautifully with her glossy red lips.

"Nora, I have to say. You truly outshone all of the ladies in the restaurant tonight." He praised her with a chuckle as he pointed out the envious looks, girls and men around them kept sending.

Amused, Nora took at peek and laughed softly after seeing that he was right.

"I disagree with you; I think that they are looking at your handsome visage, not me."

She returned his praise with flattery of her own. She then asked him the first question that's must be asked on the first date in UVR.

"On the scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate the resemblance between your real image and your VR persona?"

"I guess 2? Maybe even 3." Felix replied casually.

Nora yelped in surprise. She assumed that based on Felix's strength he should have a quite good background, so he didn't need to modify his face heavily for safety.

Felix chuckled lightly after seeing her surprised (Pikachu) face.

"I am simply too scared that I will be harassed constantly by women if I changed to my real face that's all." He said sincerely.

Speechless, Nora could only look at his sincere eyes, not knowing how to respond to his shamelessness.

"How about you? How do you scale yourself?" Felix asked her.

"Of course 10/10, this is my real face!" Nora answered with an annoyed pout.

Felix merely looked at her indifferently and said, "Prove it."

Nora realized that Felix did not believe her claim, but she didn't worry about it. She gave him a victorious smile while showing him a holographic picture of her real self.

Focused, Felix squinted his eyes at the picture. Suddenly, he raised his eyebrow in surprise after seeing her and the giant leader of the club in one picture with a large spaceship in the background.

But just to be sure he asked in his mind, 'Queen run a full scan on the picture and see if there are any modifications.'

A second later, the queen replied that the picture was real.

Felix lifted his head and blinked his eyes at Nora, who was giving him a 'praise me' look, and said while pointing at the giant leader.

"What's your relationship with this gorilla?"

Nora gave him a dirty glance and threatened him. "Don't call my gentle brother a gorilla, lest he finds out and throws you from the window."

"I doubt he will be able to." He laughed.

"Are you saying that you can defeat my brother? Just for your information, he is a league apart from that monkey." She added in vexation, "The only reason he is on the 22th floor is because he is worried about leaving me alone."

Felix laughed at her after understanding her plight. "You probably had a tough time with men due to his over protection."

Nora lowered her head in shame after being found out. No matter how much she tried to act charming and mature, her big brother was always watching her closely. She couldn't even act freely within the UVR, don't even mention in real life.

However, she soon raised her head and said coquettishly. "Aren't you afraid of him? After all, I sneaked outside for this date, but soon he will find out that I truly met with you, and he will not like it one bit."

She added in ridicule after remembering the fate of the last man who took her on a date without his approval. "The last man, who was sitting in your position, had his jewels destroyed in the UVR, as well as in the real world." She sneered, "What shamed me more was the fact he didn't fight for my hand but knelt and begged for forgiveness."

Her coquettish persona instantly changed into an arrogant cold one and asked Felix while pointing a butter knife at him. "Are you going to shame me in front of my brother like the other, or prove me that you are worthy of my company?"

Worthy? Worthy? She truly, truly, shouldn't have used this word in the presence of Felix. Alas, it was already too late.

Felix did not answer her; he just sighed and stood up after hearing about those details, which honestly ruined his appetite and his desire for her.

He took one last sip from the wine glass and put it on the table. He then arrived near the confused Nora and lifted her chin with one finger, making her stare at his face that was in the process of changing to almost resembling his real face.

"Nora you disappointed me greatly tonight." He whispered in her ears with an upset tone, "I expected a nice evening with each other that may end hopefully with both of us pleased. But here you are talking about your big brother breaking men's balls, and me shaming you in front of him."

Spellbound, Nora stared at Felix's enlarged slits, which kept emitting a mesmerizing vibe under the dim light of the table and could only breathe heavily near his face without interrupting him.

"I'm afraid that your beauty and charm is still inadequate for me to prove myself to your brother or anyone in that case." He gave her a cold smile and ordered, "So forget about this night, and don't approach me in the club again okay?"

Without waiting to hear her response, Felix turned around and walked away, heading towards the restaurant exit. Each step he took changed his facial visage until he left through the door with his usual above-average look.

Nora's hazy eyes never left Felix's back, even after he left the restaurant. To this point, no one in the restaurant knew what happened between them to end their evening this early. Nora was one of them as well, she still had no idea how did she offend Felix.

However, the way he treated her was a brand new experience in her life. Her overprotective brother and the men who had some balls to approach her only treated her like a princess. Especially after seeing that her beauty was real and not fabricated like 90% of the women in the UVR. In their minds, she was a keeper, and for keepers, one must always treat them nicely and fulfill all of their desires. That was exactly how Nora was treated throughout her life.

Yet, now a rogue had shown up, a rogue who gave absolutely no crap about her beauty or getting at her good books. A rogue whose face was more charming than her, especially his cold dark violet serpent-like eyes. She saw nothing like them before, and just remembering them made her heartbeats race and her body to heat up.

.She didn't know why her body was feeling hot, and she wasn't going to stay in the restaurant all by herself to find out. She stood up as well and left the restaurant with flushed red cheeks. The couples didn't know if it was due to her shame, humiliation, or rage at being left alone.

But after she left, the waiter swore that her chair was damp a little.