1181 Condesend Elemental Energy and Its Benefits!

At midnight, Felix and his companions went to the plaza to join the welcoming village party.

It was a lively and boisterous event, full of merriment and revelry. The air was filled with laughter, clinking glasses, and the twang of lutes and other musical instruments. Torches and lanterns lit up the cobblestone streets, casting flickering shadows on the buildings and the faces of the merrymakers.

In the plaza's center, a grand feast was laid out on long tables, surrounded by benches for the guests and villagers to sit on.

The villagers dressed in their finest attire, their clothing a colorful tapestry of greens, blues, and golds, gathered around the tables to enjoy the food and drink bestowed upon them by their guests.

Although the villagers knew that Felix and his companions had their own food stored, they still kept offering them their own shares throughout the feast.


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