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Felix Maxwell was destined to be a loser, born on one of the weakest races and on the least favorable of situations, he was forced to face adversity head-on as he traveled across the vast universe where dangers laid in every corner, one day traveling in hopes of riches he stumbled upon a ruin where a supreme being laid imprisoned, in a stroke of bad luck the being laid its eyes on him and tried to take over his body, forcing itself upon him. But fate hadn't given up on him! He woke up in his younger body, 20 years in the past with the fallen being trapped in his soul. In his past life he had been a loser, giving up on things mid-way and never striving for greatness, he was a side character who made the strong shine even brighter, but not on this life. He swore to himself he would strive for glory, he would take advantage of his knowledge and emerge as a supreme being! ...... Novel Discord: https://discord.gg/FTfXXYHnFT This is my Patreon, everyone is welcomed to drop by! https://www.patreon.com/MidGard_Author

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Bloodline Integration System

Three days had passed since the day Felix snapped on Asna.

Ever since then, Felix has ignored her completely. He did not respond to her apologies, neither did he bother addressing what happened in the bathroom.

He just kept training his stamina by climbing the stairs each day and his body muscles by spending hours in the gym.

Lastly, examining the hotel and other facilities on the island while noting what interested him in his notebook to perfect his upcoming plan.


Up the hill, Felix was sitting on a stool and drawing the hotel from above with focus. Yet his focus was broken by Asna whining again.

"Felix, stop ignoring me, I am really sorry about what I said. I did not realize the huge effort humans had to go through for survival."

"I never interacted with races like you, who are not favored by the universe, as I spent my entire life surrounded by beings of my race and others who have the same strength as us. So my vision was crooked when I analyzed your race."

"Now that I know your race bloodline system was made by sweat and blood, I respect it greatly. And I can even assist you in improving it, opening limitless possibilities."

Felix could not keep acting deaf after hearing the last part even when he had a strong feeling that Asna wasn't apologizing sincerely and was saying this to get his cooperation.

His heartbeats speed up a bit since he knew that she read his memories, which meant she had full details on how humans integrate. So for her to say she had ways to improve it moved him greatly.

After all, every human's dream in the Milky Way galaxy is to break the bottleneck of The Origin Realm and step into a higher Realm.

Regrettably, over six hundred thousand years had passed and no one managed to open up another path forward.

Even worse was that human strength was declining slowly over the years as the spirit of research for bloodline Paths had died entirely after the creation of clans.

For one to understand why clans were ruining the human's future, one must first understand how the bloodline system came to be.

Based on Felix's knowledge obtained from the free public data in the UVR, humans in other parts of the galaxy were born just like earthlings with weak bodies, and without an inner core, spirit, or magic to cultivate like other races.

The only thing they had was a weak affinity to elements, something every race had as basics.

So due to the pressure of war from the beast race and void creatures, they had an idea to combine the inherited bloodline of beasts from their ancestors, with their weak affinity to their elements.

The first tries ended up in human bodies exploding, as they could not handle the pressure of having its original innate bloodline be replaced with another one, especially if the body elemental affinity was different from the beast affinity.

So humans tried things differently. Firstly, they created a device that could scan their affinity to the elements. Secondly, they only tried to integrate 1% of the beast's bloodline instead of the previous 100%.

The process was extremely painful, and many died due to not being to handle it. But others who survived it managed to have 1% of other species' bloodline in their bodies!

They called this process, The Awakening.

After awakening successfully one officially starts his journey of purifying the bloodline of the beast.

This realm was called the three stages of purification or in short the Purification Realm. It includes purifying one's bloodline to reach 99% of the integration.

The first step was called the lesser purity, and to achieve it the person needed to reach 30% of integration. The second step was called the Greater purity and it needed 60%. The final step was called the Origin purity, which meant the bloodline had almost reached the same purity as the beast itself. It needed the integration to reach 99%, which was also the peak of the Purification stage.

Every time a person reached 15% of integration he had a chance to obtain a passive ability of that beast such as Fire resistance, night vision, poison resistance...etc. Those were called minor steps. There were only three minor steps, 15%, 45%, 75%!

While reaching major steps such as lesser purity, which was 30%. He obtains an active ability of that beast, such as stealth, fire breath, wind bullets...etc. There were also three major steps, 30%, 60%, 99%.

This meant, during the duration of the purification stage, from 0% to 99%, he could obtain 3 active abilities and 3 passive abilities of the species.

Humans were stuck in this realm for over 1 million years, not knowing how to improve further or how to get rid of their bloodline shackles. (Humans in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Unrelated to earthlings.)

Until a prodigy female called Mariana appeared and solved this problem in the most ingenious way possible.

She used the bloodline of a higher-tier beast to replace her bloodline, and since beasts followed a strict hierarchy that was etched in their soul, the bloodline could only get replaced obediently.

But if she just did this, she would make her entire efforts of integrating with the first beast go to waste, since all the abilities would be replaced as well.

To solve this, she did what no one had the courage to do, and that was to etch one ability of her choice permanently from the first beast, in her 1% of the original bloodline!!

If she failed, she would have destroyed what made her unique from others, as the last remaining 1% was everything to a human.

From the moment someone desired to integrate 100% of another creature's bloodline, he would be nothing but the same copy of the beast.

Fortunately, her courage and yearning to improve humankind's strength were rewarded, when the process ended up in success.

This marked the creation of the second realm.

The Replacement Realm.

Which was also the longest realm of them all, due to it having 6 stages of replacements. Each stage followed the same principle of the purification realm, only this time each stage had a different bloodline from a different beast.

Starting with the first stage of replacement. The bloodliner was required to change the first bloodline he awakened with, by using another beast bloodline that was a higher tiered than it.

This would allow a smooth transition between them.

Since if he replaced a beast with another one with the same tier. There would be a war inside the body, as the two would constantly try to outdo each other for the right to remain within the host. This usually led to the owner bleeding to death.

That's why to avoid this. One must respect the hierarchy of the beasts and only replace the bloodline with another that could oppress it.

The currently known beast tiers were from tier 1 to tier 7.

So for the bloodliner to have a perfect foundation in order to reach the peak of the 6th stage of replacement.

He must not replace the Tier 1 beast with Tier 7, to not get stuck in that stage forever without any way to advance, since no beast was currently found that could oppress Tier 7 beast.

A perfect Bloodliner must awaken with a tier 1 beast and start replacing it with gradual order from tier 1 to tier 7 until he reached the peak of the 6th stage of replacement.

At that point, he would have in his arsenal a total number of 6 different abilities each belonging to a unique beast, permanently etched in his 1%. Plus with three 3 active and 3 passive abilities of the latest stage 6 bloodline.

Thus, creating a human that had a total of 9 abilities, and 3 passives, which he could combine at will to create techniques!

The moment humans reached the peak of the Replacement stage.

They started to win more battles against the beast race, forcing them to retreat when they realized that humans were not to be bullied anymore and be used as food. So, the beasts tried to switch to another race.

But would humans leave them to do so? Not in a lifetime.

The tables were turned as humans became the predators and started to counter-invade the beast race galaxy, for all the humiliation they received over the past years.

They kept invading planet after planet, killing and taking the bloodlines of unique beasts to be used for research.

This war lasted for over one hundred thousand years.

And it only ended when a man goes by the name of Michael Bardot, managed to create the next realm after the Replacement realm, which he named The Origin Realm.

He used the same method of bloodline replacement, but this time, he used his 1% that had 6 abilities etched to it to oppress the 99% of a tier 7 bloodline!

He realized that human's original bloodline was weak, that's why they had learned from others and used their paths. But the moment a human's bloodline had the same number of abilities as a tier 7 beast.

He saw no reason to keep using their paths anymore. Now it was time for humans to go back to their ORIGIN, stronger than ever.

And so he tried to devour the 99% of the tier 7 bloodline by using only his 1%.

A task only lunatics would try to do since if they failed the process, only death await them.

After all, being at the peak of the replacement realm, meant that they had a legit authority in the human race.

So, who in his right mind would sacrifice all of that just to follow a hunch that might lead to certain death?

But Bardot did not care about authority or his safety. The only thing that was on his mind was to open a path forward, for himself and the future generations.

Once again only those who do not fear death obtain what they desire. Three days later, he emerged outside victorious from his battle.

Historians to this date claim that people heard the universe applause over his victory because he managed to defy its arrangement.

As humans were born powerless with nothing to support them. Yet now, a new sub-human race was born.

A human that his own descendants would inherit his bloodline abilities and strength and those descendants would have their paths paved for them since birth, based on the purity of their ancestral origin bloodline.

Bardot named his subhuman race, the white-feathered humans, out of respect for the latest bloodline he devoured.

Since then, the human race stopped their war against the beast race, because an origin realm Bloodliner had the status of tier 8 Beast. So, they kept them alive, herding them like sheep.

Afterward, humans' bloodline system improvement was completely halted, as they already conquered the race that gave them pressure in the first place.

They were stuck in the origin realm from six hundred thousand years to this point in time.


Author Note: Felix didn't live in the period when the beast invasion was happening, I was using his memories to retell the history of mankind in the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

A small summary of unlocking abilities.

At 15% passive. / At 30% active (Lesser Purity)

At 45% passive. / At 60% active (Greater Purity)

At 75% passive. / At 99% Peak active. (Origin Purity)

Total of 6 abilities!

If you are having difficulty understanding the entire human bloodline system, I suggest going to axillary volume. I had it perfectly explained with details and examples.

Note: Don't put too much emphasis on the years mentioned in the chapters. Just keep in mind that the current year in the novel is the 2024 earthlings' calendar.

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