1242 Awakening The Chasm's Master.

Everyone switched their focus instantly to the small screen that was showing Shadowborn Ruler Hogan's team.

When they noticed that the Ionians' Lord Inozuma was staring at his fallen partner with a stunned expression, they knew that the notification was as real as it could get...

"Wind Transmutation!"

A split second later, he pushed his raising terror in his heart and immediately transformed himself into a windy storm, escaping as fast as the wind through the tunnel. Obviously, he took the minerals bags with him.

This was the smartest move to make as Felix was preparing another bullet for him if he dared to remain unfocused for a mere second.

'WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT!!' Ionians' Lord Inozuma screamed in his mind in utter agitation as a replay of his partner's sudden death kept playing in his mind.


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