Author's Letter About The Absence.

Dear readers, I can not express how glad I am to be back and most importantly alive.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I didn't update my story for more than a month.

As much as it pains you to not have chapters to read, it pains me more to see my effort and hard work to keep my novel relevant go down the drains in less than two months.

Honestly, that's to be expected when the novel wasn't updated for a long while.

As much as I dislike sharing my private life with others, I believe that I owe you an explanation for the sudden disappearance.

Well, all I can say is that I should have visited the doctor sooner when I first started to feel the symptoms of coronavirus.

If I did so, I wouldn't have fainted while climbing the staircase of my house and end up with a broken skull after hitting my head with the corner of a step, fractures in my right hand, and mild bruises.

Well, I honestly didn't remember any of this since the moment my skull was cracked open, I ended up in a coma that lasted from the last chapter update to two days ago.

My family was the ones who told me about what happened to me.

As I said previously, I'm happy to be alive since the doctor told me that I was fortunate enough that my brain didn't receive any permanent damage from the accident.

The reason I took two days to contact you was because I was out of it when I woke up and needed time to accept my current situation.

Right now, I am still hospitalized and probably will remain for weeks until I am fully recovered and discharged by the doctor.

So, even though I am back, the novel will still not be updated. 

But don't worry, during my stay in the hospital, I will be using a laptop moderately to read the previous plots and future plots to rekindle my memory. (Hopefully, the doctor will allow it)

I hope this letter quenched the rumors that I have read in the discord that I have dropped the novel or something like that.

I have already told you guys that I have quit my teaching job to pursue my dream of writing novels. 

There is absolutely no way that I will be willingly dropping my story that I have spent thousands of hours working hard on it. Especially when my livelihood depends on it and its performance.

So, as I have been saying always, the journey is long and I am not done treading it.

Thank you all for your continuous support and I can't express how appreciative I was to read your supportive comments when I woke up.

I promise that I will try my best to recover faster so I can get discharged and get back at writing again. 

Yours sincerely, Midgard.

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