1235 An Exhibition Game.

Felix ended up dropping the subject after another failed attempt and refocused on the rulers' discussion...It took them a couple of hours to finish structuring a contract that was approved by all of them.

"Let's end this with a final vote." Queen Alfreda raised her hand and asked, "Who agrees to all the conditions in the contract?"

Everyone raised their hands in agreement but Elder Dragon...No one cared about it since decisions were agreed upon based on the number of votes.

"I guess this is all, you are excused." Queen Alfreda nodded in appreciation for everyone's work and then teleported away.

The others followed suit one by one until only Felix, Elder Dragon, and Queen Allura were left behind.

'Senior sister, you can leave. I will be fine.' Felix said with a carefree smile.

'Alright, just don't fall into his taunts.'


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