1165 Altering The Dream...

In an act of defiance, Nimo glared at her in annoyance and jumped away from her embrace, sitting next to the passed-out Felix, and started to lick his face to wake him up.

'Leave him be, Candace.' Lady Sphinx said.

'It's not like I can stop him.' Candace sighed.

She knew that Nimo had given her a warning before and if she dared to keep him away from Felix, he had no issues with kicking her out of the dream.

As the true Paragon of Sins, her abilities meant nothing to him.

Still, she knew that he would end up ruining their plan, so she decided to at least inform him about their mission here.

"Little god, you can stay here with Felix." Candace requested with a hopeful tone, "But, can you not use your powers on anyone?"

Eee Eee?

Nimo was confused by her request...But, when Candace explained that it was all for Felix's sake to wake him up, he nodded vigorously.


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