1180 A Cheat Way To Assault The Origin Realm.

Everything clicked in their minds after hearing her response.

Before getting interested in the Elementals' Galaxy, none of them knew about the time difference since the Elementals had done a great job of keeping it a secret.

This made them continue assuming that the trade between them and the alliance was normal.

But in reality? Having the time difference at a hundred made it impossible for the alliance to keep up with the Elementals' food demand.

After all, a mere year was considered a hundred in the Elementals Galaxy.

This implied that by the time the food run out in the Elementals Galaxy, not much time had passed in the eyes of the alliance.

"To avoid crashing the elemental stones market by overflowing it, we have decided to limit the trades to a reasonable number even if it meant our people spending years without tasting the alliance's food." Miss Monaka sighed.


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