502 Our Secret Weapon

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After equipping himself, Nanfeng headed upstairs with the weapons case.

Nanfeng thought that the backyard would be under the most pressure since Fang Zhao was stationed there, so he first went there.

Flames erupted in the sky from time to time. The mass of trees made it difficult to see the overall situation clearly. However, the loud explosions meant that the fighting between the Inter-planetary Fund and Tomorrow's Empire was still raging.

Huge fireballs rose into the sky in the distance, and the entire night sky was dyed red. The ground shook, and there was no way to ascertain which side held the advantage.

Nanfeng's heart was thumping. He calmed himself down and raised his gun. He looked through the scope and had his finger on the trigger.

Here it comes!

Nanfeng fixed his sights on a target and prepared to fire…

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


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