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Read Superstars of Tomorrow novel written by the author Lazy Cliche on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering reincarnation, comedy, overpowered, transmigration, future. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Every time background music plays in my head, I feel like there is nothing to be afraid of." —Fang Zhao Toward the end of the apocalyptic period, Fang Zhao lost his life. However, instead of dying, he found himself 500 years later in the body of a young and aspiring composer who shared the same name. Having received a second chance at life, Fang Zhao sets out to achieve the previous owner's dreams. Armed with the experience of living through an apocalyptic age and his profession as a composer before that period, Fang Zhao uses his talent, wits, and knowledge to make his mark in the entertainment industry of the future.


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Hi everyone, its your friendly neighbourhood translator! Firstly, I would like to thank you guys for the interest and love you have shown for Superstars of Tomorrow even though it hasn't even been one week since we released it! I can assure that you would not be disappointed with this story and me and Min will work our hardest to continue pumping the chapters for you guys! Secondly for your info, 2 Chapters will be released on Wed-Sun at around 12 p.m +8GMT for a total of 10 per week. Of course there would be burst releases when we hit certain targets or on special occassions! Also, it would really help out with our livelihood if those of you who can afford it would support us on our patreon : https://***.patreon.com/superstarsoftomorrow It would help us greatly as a supplement to our busy schedules outside of translating. Lastly, Christmas is coming and SantaBarker knows who's been nice or naughty so all y'all nice kids better check your stockings on christmas for a surprise ;) Anyway continue supporting us and enjoy the novel and keep rocking. Hehe my dears!


There better be all sorts of face-smacking in this novel or else I'd be disappointed. To fill up some space, this novel sounds like a reincarnating I'm Really a Super Star, but rather than "borrowing" works from his world, the protagonist has experience and skills from his past.


No kidding, the first five seconds after I realized that this was THAT novel, my head was filled with a nonstop string of 'OMG!' This is a great book about second chances and karma. The MC is a transmigrator who lands in the body of a betrayed music prodigy in a world where talent, not strength is everything. If he can't pass the first hurdle of the upcoming music contest, then he might not live to see next week. Love this book! Happy it got picked up because the last translators just walked away about 20 chapters or so in.


I think most of the reviews so far which were negative were mostly on the synopsis, which I agree could do some work on but does and should not bring down the opinion of this novel in any way. From the get go, the premise of the novel feels like it's a really fresh start compared to most other common ones and there's a lot of thought provoking ideas as I browsed briefly in the raws. It's really amazing. Cant wait for it!


Is it insane that I want this story to update faster?!?!? Can it be updated faster? Like let’s say 10 chapters a day, instead of in a week??? I know it’s outrageous to ask but it’s that GOOD!!!


Website : qidian china Views : 1.23 million Rating : 8.3(949) Chapters : 288 Status : ongoing Word count : 960thousand author rank : great


It's a novel about a guy from an apocalyptic age time traveling to the future. Although the MC is probably some combat monster, the novel is more focused on the MC's preapocalypse profession of being a composer. His experience helps in paving his path in the music industry, but I like how it's not a super cheat that blows away competition. He doesn't go "oh Imma use music style 500 years ago to be first in this newcomer competition thing!", and I'm happy that he doesn't really get close to first place but still has a placing that is befitting of an MC. It's not an MC can do everything (and by everything I mean plagiarizing works from others and act all mighty) and provoke countless people because he's too good novel, I'm talking about you IRAS. MC gets his placing because he has talent and experience, not because the works from his time was better or whatnot. People have saying IRAS this IRAS that, but no, it's not like that obnoxious novel. Or at least so far, we haven't yet seen stupid fan service, and although you can kinda see that horrendous cycle of "ppl underestimate MC, MC proceeds to face smack them," I like to think that the author is well aware of what he's doing and only skims through it, not spending 5 fucking chapters filled with people ridiculing MC while some people go "bla bla bla, MC is good, but I don't think he can make it out of this one." (I think I just spoiled the entirety of I Really Am a Superstar for you, sorry if you haven't read it yet). Author spends more time on other relevant things, which I appreciate a lot. A lot of the chapters are spent on the MC's work rather than others' reactions. But don't worry about the whole crowd reaction thing, it's not absent in this novel. Author has been innovative in showing the reactions so far, a far cry from just random people screaming with !!! at how good the MC is. I like how things are more believable in the industry part, you see a a lot of the insider stuff in play. I like to think that the author knows what he's doing, compared to just having a character with some sort of position but not really acting the part. I'm super glad we haven't yet seen the horror of a narrow minded upper management that plagued IRAS. In fact, the upper management so far in this novel have that kind of comical feel of what's it like to have a high position, but is actually plagued by all the work and responsibilities that they have. So far, we haven't yet had a hateable character. There's that guy who betrayed the MC's body's previous owner, but you can't really hate the guy since he's as good as dead meat, just waiting to die (even he himself knows that he's dead meat). I like the scifi part of it. I usually hate scifi since it's mostly filled with plotholes and inconsistencies, but I like how the author had the scifi in a manageable level. We haven't actually really seen much of the scifi part apart from flying cars and virtual idols yet, but nothing overboard so far has happened. I actually really like the whole virtual idol thing, which has a big part in the novel. I'm a Vocaloid pseudo-fan, and it's cool seeing the concept in a novel. But don't worry if you hate Vocaloid, since the idols are actually based more on actual idols, and there's this virtual idol vs human idol thing going on in the novel. I guess you can only really call it a subplot at this point since the focus isn't really on them because the virtual idol the MC is making is really unique in the novel's context. The chapters have either been short, or that it was really enjoyable I didn't notice I was already at ch 23. Not much has happened, but you can really see the progress. The translation speed is good, so I think it'll be all good on the pacing part. It has been really enjoyable so far, and I hope it stays this way. I have high hopes for this novel.


I can smell something like YAOI sh*t in this novel . I dont know if its just me ? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Oh God Zhang Ye if Face Smacking!!! Bless this story to be face-smacking ok, filler time Oh God Zhang Ye if Face Smacking!!! Bless this story to be face-smacking. Oh God Zhang Ye if Face Smacking!!! Bless this story to be face-smacking. Oh God Zhang Ye if Face Smacking!!! Bless this story to be face-smacking. Oh God Zhang Ye if Face Smacking!!! Bless this story to be face-smacking. or you can face smack us with a heap of dissapointment.... please don't smack us


most confusing summary I have ever read -_- someone please rewrite the whole summary and add some more details :/............. . ...........................................................


Its just another face-smacking novel. It is different path of face smacking so lets support this guys. I walk the path of face-smacking. Lets go my dear comrades.


Ok, so I only read the already released 7 chapters on novelupdates, and it looks quite interesting so far (let's cross fingers to hope it stays that way. For those who want face slapping, it looks like there will be, at least indirectly, because unlike all them MCs crazy for revenge, this guy is like a chill pill in comparison, because he went through the apocalypse, so it's like nothing phases him. Also, unlike I'm Really a Superstar, there is so far no Nationalism, and the guy has genuine talent, and has a great memory to boot. And since he led troops during the apocalypse, his leadership skills, critical thinking, problem solving, planning, and strategy skills are probably on point. I'm now going to go read the raws because I want to know what happens :). Also wondering what's special about his dog, because it seems like there is, but not sure what yet. I might change this review once this actually comes out, but so far it looks great.


Reviewing a story never had been one of my strong suit. There were an old saying from my place that books are the window of the world, and I had admit the truth of that piece of wisdom numerous time before, and yet once again, today, as I reach the latest chapter of sixty-two, I reconfirm that adage once more. Human are an emotional being. It's the price we paid for our elevated consciousness. Our critical thinking, our theory of mind, and the whole civilization were built by the whisper of our gene who crave to ever prosper. However the reality is that the planet are a place of limited resources. So we make tactful deal and negotiation to let ourselves a wiggle room to survive. Even when we know that our surrender betrayed our principles. Our morality. Or even our humanity. We still done it and keep doing it to the time everlasting. How many times we had ever let our superiors bullied ourselves in the workplace? How many times we turn our face away witnessing a crime on the street, become bystander, because we know we lacks the mean. Most of us are not physically strong, in fact we slightly out of shape from those office job of constant sitting down. Not all of us have a higher connection in the right place. We have family, significant other, and most importantly we have ourselves to protect. Who want to waste away their safety for a complete stranger? Chinese literature of qidian-esque style were my guilty pleasure. Most decent literature of emotive storytelling never fell short from the common theme fact that the truth in it's barest essence were multifaceted. Xianxia market destroy those rigid status quo by elevating one of the most striking character of Aesop's fable from their humble mission in teaching the children of morality through compelling narrative to a genre which We, the ***** who scrambling throughout life by faking pleasantaries and acquiescing compromise to able to personify the main character in a cathartic release of the absolute moral high ground where the black and white was a clear as a day like those fairy tales we used to read as a child. Does it felt good to see a face-smacking, face-slapping protagonist triumph in their latest escapade of yet another quest of a straightforward arrogant villain? When the truth is so black and white, when our ability flabbergasted the crowd, when there is no question of our recourse, of our moral choice. The one who answer no, I shall shamelessly call you a liar. When I stumbled this piece of work, I piqued the name of 'superstars' as an rehashed version of I'm Really a Superstar by Cheng Yu. Chinese light novel work by 'rehashing' an established tropes until it become the genre of it's own right. Like what happened to the Cultivation Chat Group and Red Packet System, so I thought it was about time for another Zhang Ye. O boy how I was utterly wrong. One of the trend that I noticed in reading chinese light novel so far is that this genre, for lack of better word is a genre that written in a languange that lack of adjectives. Most of the not-so-great and not-well-written piece would bore me to death because the Author would use the same description, the same vocabularies, the same quotes over and over again (remember, as common as cabbage in the market?). That sucked big. One of the reason that languange were deemed rich, because they could explain the nuance and evoke emotion by presenting different word for a similar situation. I'm not a sinologist myself, but in my humble opinion this happened because the horrible way the Chinese Character is written. Japanese and Korean government (Sorry Zhang Ye...) realized that the tools of communication transcend the need of a beautiful artistry that the scholar-official of the chinese old so keen to keep creating anew. The artificial status that were glorified through generational, ever more difficult imperial examination. Of ever more obfuscating character deprive the better, the greater, and the more accurate part of languange from the masses. No wonder there's a chinese equivalent of "it look's all greek to me". All of the unlearned characters does look like a heavenly script to them. But this novel pass through that hurdle like a breeze, the piece never lack superfluousness, the hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian word were abundant, the chapter were large but it stitched so perfectly that it felt like a symphony. And when I came to the passage when the musical movement were described, word failed me. It vivid. I can see in the front of my eyes the despair, the struggle, and the acceptance. I see heroism embodied and selflessness crystallized. The movement break through the barrier of limitation that is writing. Not all of us is musically inclined. Not all of us could synthesize song in our head with a flair of grace. People used their eyes the most. So what we could and often do as an avid reader is imagining the potrayal of picture, of images, and of scenery to paint a picture of the forlorn fantasy that the author wish to convey. Music is one of the greatest limitation. Chance are, if you never heard the piece, you'd never felt the song through writing. But this. This Superstars of Tommorow succeed. Wholesomely. It managed to create an equivalent music substitute that I never been able to experience via a written or even drawn medium. And that is why I wrote this review. To tell the author, the translator, the editor, and the whole qidian community, that you had managed to score another fans.


Reveal spoiler


The story is well written and interesting. While the MC is super OP, he gets pulled into different areas/topics to explore. He does improve in some areas but overall is very stable with no real problems except following his dreams/interests (mostly it's music and martial arts). I recommend reading it if you want a creative world and pulled into wonderful imagination of this author.


If you're looking for an entertainment or showbiz novel, then you're mistaken. This novel is about manliness! Watch how the Fang Zhao create epic music video to commemorate his fellow fallen comrades. Watch how Fang Zhao teach a fool crybaby rich boy into a real man. Watch his awesome dog doing awesome stuffs. Watch how he teach snobbish celebrity how to respect the fallen heroes. Watch how to raise a real troop inside the virtual game. This novel is all about how to be a real man!


Moaaaaar! Give me more chapies. I can never have enough. I love Fang Zhao! What will he do next? Will he manage to land the ninth season with his composition or taste failure for once. How will the people react to his bento box scene. Will his mind become trapped in the past during one of his remaining seasons. Watching. . .


Badass Fang zhou leaving others speechless as usual. MC is strong but at the same time reserved. He doesn't show off his abilities often but when he does... fac smacking and impact baby. loving it so far.


Hello, guys!!!! So,I am here to say something about this really awesome Web Novel. I came here coz of the reviews saying it resembled IRAS and since I am a huge IRAS fan, I came here for some more face-smacking or at least something that's engaging!! I was face-smacked!!😂😂😂 These two at most resemble in the facts that there is an involvement of parallel worlds or more accurately time skip and that both the MC are too rigid, which is a good thing, and strict on themselves when it comes to their work. (Sometimes the limit is beyond reasons) NOTHING ELSE IS SIMILAR OR MORE LIKE BOTH ARE TOO DIFFERENT!! The MC here is really like THE CALM SEA with a bottomless depth, he is really really cool, literally!!!! This work is a whole new beast and it's gonna be better!! Look at me, I am someone who gets bored easily and reads something that really, really interests me and nowadays getting those type of works is getting harder and harder still, this is already a top choice for me after just reading about 40 chapters!! I couldn't stop myself from saying something, it's that good!!!😆😆 I AM HOOKED UP! This is beyond good, can't wait for the rest of it.😊😊 THANKS TO THE AUTHOR FOR THIS PIECE OF ART!! THANKS TO THE TRANSLATORS FOR BRINGING IT TO US!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.😍😍 #EPIC


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