Reviews of Superstar Wife : Please Have Some Mercy


Superstar Wife : Please Have Some Mercy


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one of the best novels... highly recommend! story development and the character design are awesome, can't say about grammar as mine is disastrous..... Best of luck author😁😁

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love itt...the story so different from other stories❤❤🤗😗😗😗interesting ...powerful FL and ML ....all over worth reading👌👌💫..........


I will give you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. This book has just started but I know it will be a hit. So I thought why I wait to review when I can do it now? o(〃^▽^〃)o. I really love your book. It is well described and detailed. No confusions. And I will stay with this one till the end. I couldn't do so with your first book. I was too short at short passes. And very new to webnovel but now I m experienced 🙃


OMG... this story is amazing. It's worth reading. I like it when FL is powerful and the author showed perfectly that how powerful the FL is! I fell in love with her attitude mainly. Looking forward to read more and Sree, congratulations on getting contracted my love❤


This is one of the amazing stories I ve Read. The characterization was very good. The strong characters was the thing which attracted me the most.


I love the fl more than the ml ! it's fun and their family just makes me so jealous!! the updates are regular , there aren't any major grammar mistakes , the pace is good , the character developement is so detailed !! Just read it and you will know! ❤️❤️❤️


Very very amazing book, I read the writers my heart only ..and just like that novel this story is also good, the ml and fl are way different from other stories, only 6 chapters I read and I hooked up. love u author 😘😘😘


This is one of the rare stories where we see a strong Female lead and a soft Male lead which is really great, This story is quite intriguing Iloved it a lot please keep writing


I really like this book it is really interesting and amazing I am really impressed by author and she also inspired me Hey author Your second book is really amazing also I am dying to see the next chapter I recommend people out there to read your book it is really amazing also i support this book


Good story.....powerful female lead interesting ploats and male lead character is vary good...love the book and once start the book reading and cant stop....


I just love it.. Its just my luck I have to wait for pass everyday🙂 and sometimes the pass didn't even work as it for particular genre only but I love your work so.. Giving it a 5 star🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I love it I love it I love it ✨


so this is one of the book which i can give the title 'best book of the wn' i really m fasinated by this book our main leads both our toooo strong its not a cindrella story in fact here both leads hate each other to their nerve but aftr some chapters u will know why its not also a story where they pretend to hate its a real hate with a solid reason at last author u r best this book is going to be a hit im very very very very very very sure best of luck


It's so..... good!! The story development is excellent. I loved FL & ML. They are human version of South & North pole right now but I know they will soon attract each other. I am waiting to read more fun & excited interactions between FL & ML. [img=recommend]




well it is a worth reading novel. FL and ML both are good. Our FL is one of the strongest female lead for me. Actually I want to tell you guys to read this novel and feel the characters . I am telling you to feel character coz I saw many readers were scolding ML very much . Yeah it is true he made a mistake and you will find out while reading . But in my opinion he is not totally responsible ,actually I think somehow he was the victim of harsh circumstances and I hope author will make this clear . I want suggest you to read weeding arc and 160-169 chapters and also our FL's past related arc very carefully with feel . You can feel both our ML and FL. Actually ML really cared about our FL but for some reasons or you can say the circumstances create a barrier between them . In my opinion both are unaware of their true situation ,FL's part had been cleared by author at Fl's past related arc but waiting for ML . ML had a past love,many hated ML for this but ML was in a confusion about his feelings towards FL ,he liked her but if that was romantically he Didn't know. At the end I wanted to tell you read this novel with feel and before judging it keep yourself in that position and ask your heart what you will do in that particular case....😊😊


Nice story❤️.. I like the way all misunderstandings or problems solve very soon😘 not dragging to long like other stories. Nice work💐 like FL & ML characters but please add some more romance between them😜