1 Enchanting Fairy...

*knock* *knock*

A loud knocking sound on the door disturbed the beauty from her pampering session which made her frown in irritation..

"Come in…" She said rudely to the person who was behind the door knocking or rather like interrupting her private moment.

As soon as the intruder entered in the room, the beauty in her resting mode asked with her eyes still closed, "What is it Mia?

Why did you disturb me right now when I clearly told you not to. You know, I don't like interruption when I'm trying very hard to sleep."

Mia Anderson, a twenty nine years old girl who became the manager of top girl group in a very young age, said in a stern voice, "I didn't want to Ely. But I have to because even if you forget about your schedule, I can't…

It's my job to remind you that you've a photoshoot for the Imperial Groups in an hour. So if you're done with your facial, then we should leave now."

The strict tone of her assistant, made the beautiful lady burn in anger as it was rare for people to talk with her harshly.

She was the one who loved to order around people but when it came to talk about her, no one would dare to even raise a finger against her!!

Removing the cucumber slices from her eyelids, she ordered the esthetician in a very disrespectful tone, "You may leave now! Don't need to worry about the money. I pay really high to my workers."

The esthetician bowed to show her respect to her while Elysia just shun her away, raising her index finger..

"So what were you talking about Mia? As far I remember, I already warned you earlier to not show your attitude towards me…

I, Elysia Davies, never tolerate this kind of behaviour from anyone even though the person is my assistant, appointed by my dear Mom." Elysia Davies, the girl who was sitting on the couch leisurely, glared at Mia furiously.

"Then I'm sorry to blast your bubbles that your dear Mom is the one who had given me the permission to talk with you, depending on your demeanor." Mia replied curtly.

This one threat was enough to shut the already enraged lady up but the fury inside her hadn't reduced at all as her face could describe it all...

"Fine! Let me at least clean my face first. Then we can leave." Elysia stated but this time politely.

Mia smiled at her and informed, "I'll be waiting for you in the car. Come soon."

Sighing deeply at her losing moment, Elysia nodded her head and went inside the washroom...


Elysia Davies, the only child of one of the most wealthiest and reputed family in California was pampered to the amount of a rotten egg that she had turned herself into a spoiled brat.

Her demands were always authentic and filled with nuisance but still she had a good heart which she didn't like to reveal to everyone.

Elysia is just not a name in the entertainment industry but a sensation for the people who loved her.

Being a rich heiress of a renowned household, she was expected to be a goody two shoes who was surviving in the industry only by the power of money...

But this was exactly where everyone was wrong!

Although she sometimes disrespected others but she was extremely passionate about her work..

And the Goddess like beauty of hers had always been the cherry on the top of icing!

Her beautiful doe sized ocean blue eyes which always sparked like a shining star was the biggest catch of her beauty.

Her heart shaped face and milky white like skin tone complemented her charming features like a glimmering diamond.

The sharp nose of hers along with her soft plump rosy lips which were neither too thin not too thick, had always been the attraction of every man.

Her waist length blonde hair which were so glossy and smooth like feathers that anyone would want to touch it again and again.

Her long curly eyelashes with well shaped thick eyebrows had intensified her beauty more...

Oh! How could we forget about her hourglass figure!

Elysia had a figure to die for with perfect curves at the right places. Her long legs were toned like a supermodel and her 5'6" inch height made sure to present her like an enchanting fairy.

Not only her outermost beauty had captivated the heart of many fans but it got intrigued with the elegance and charm she possessed in her appearance..

She is the perfect combination of gorgeousness and bewitching charms. Her sensual aura with a minimum sex appeal could knock out millions of followers in a micro second.

In short, Elysia Davies was the kind of eternal beauty who could bring shame to any plastic model with her natural look and graceful attitude!!

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