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Superstar Husband & Genius Wife


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[Completed Novel] I will marry you on one condition: Our marriage must be kept secret! Carolina Akai is a college student who accidentally enters another hotel room while partying with her friends. In that room, she accidentally had a one night stand. At first Carolina thought she would never see the red-haired man again, but who would have thought that the red-haired man was the interim CEO of the company where she was going to do an internship? And what's even worse, the man turns out to be a South Korean Actor, making Carolina's previously quiet college life, now surrounded by the man's fans who want to ask for her help! Ethan Nam never thought he would meet a woman who suddenly came into his room and teased him, in his father's office! Seeing the woman pretending not to know him after they had had such a pleasant night, Ethan was annoyed and kept calling the intern into his room. Suddenly Ethan finds out that the intern is pregnant after what they did and is willing to take responsibility by marrying her. But instead of Carolina readily agreeing and thanking Ethan for taking the responsibility, did she give him the condition that she would marry him if their marriage was kept secret? How is Ethan and Carolina's married life that happen because of an accident? Then why did Carolina want to keep their marriage a secret? How about Ethan's career as an actor in South Korea? Will his career be okay when he decides to get married when he is a newly famous actor? *** Ps: The cover is belong to me. Pss: Check my other stories: 1. Superstar Husband & Genius Wife 2. The Lady Vampire and Her Lover 3. Cohabitation With My Ex-Wife 4. My Beautiful Queen is Vampire

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