1 Death

Death is overrated

what ever do I mean?

Well, beside the fact that I'm burning in the pits of fire, right now.

I have been here for a while now, million or billions of years? I don't remember anymore. I lost track of time, after the first 10 years, I got used to the heat, the fire.

Others can't accept their fate which is why they keep screaming in pain even though it's already been thousands of years or millions of years for them. I just whisper to them 'Darkness is a friend, an ally" or "The dark side is in our blood" they just go madder after that.

Once you accept what you've done wrong, the fire will no longer burn you but keep you warm instead.

Right now, I am floating in the river of lava, just looking at the sky?.

yeah, there is no sky here

We are in hell after all, of course I won't get to see the beautiful blue sky.

After 500,000 years here I was given the chance to go to heaven as a 'cleansed' soul, but that ended up being a mistake, as soon as I got there, the female angels were majestically beautiful and I ended up corrupting a few hundred of them before I was thrown back to hell again.

P.S. those angels are now slutty angels waiting for their master. huehuehue

So here I am at the bottom of the river of despair which is made of lava. the majority of people here are screaming trying to reach shore but somehow even if they swim towards it they can't ever reach it. It's as if you are swimming in the air without moving an inch.

'Poor bastards' can't even acknowledge their sins.

'Oh look, someone made it' when everyone saw a person made it to shore they started cheering because it was the first time some has ever done it. and it respresented hope for them, something to strife for.


"I am Bo-" Poor bastard wasn't even able to finish. the hounds started eating him and tearing his limbs apart. The people shut up and started screaming again.



What got me into hell at first was me corrupting nuns and housewives, good women who became slaves to me.

I just couldn't help it.

I was alone, an orphan and my life wasn't pretty. I was sold in human trafficking as a child and I was actually in the good side of trafficking as they sold me as slave, a sex slave to be exact. I was given to a disgusting man at first but I bit his balls off, disgusting', then after that I was given to a male escort facility where I was an S class boy, S class were the highest ranking an escort could get. I brought big money to the facility, I was sent to impregnate Milfs and even fuck gilfs senseless. This was my life, I hated it at first but then I got used to it.

The bad side of human trafficking is you being sent to, I call it, The Slaughter House. Yes, people are sent there to harvest their organs to sell in the black market what's worst is that they don't even knock those people out, they do it when they are awake. Fucking psycopaths.

They don't even burn the bodies or bury them, they throw it to the wild animals, So yeah. I was a lucky one, I think.

You would think having this type of life would automatically earn me access to heaven since I was a victim but no. It wouldn't, if only I hadn't enjoy breaking women to my will. Perhaps then I would have been able to go to heaven but I liked seeing their beautiful fucked silly faces at the end.

When I was an adult, I was still in high demand but they gave me a choice. Stay or leave, I chose to leave. I thought I was leaving it all behind but then I started seeing happy families. I never had motherly love, mine sold me out, that's why I hated mothers. I was jeleous and started NTRing men, it felt good seeing their wife bend for me in front of them.

As that wasn't enough, I went for the children of 'God',nuns. Nuns were unique. They made me feel more excitement, pure maidens of 'Gods' word' being reduced to cocksleves for me.

This was my greatest sin judge by Jesus himself.

Though, I saw some glint in his eyes after reading my files.

All my sins put together earned me 500,000 years in hell. and then given more when I pulled that stunt in heaven, I might have even impregnated a few angels.

After so long in hell, I came to realize that what I did was wrong and I needed to change but I didn't know how.

I only knew how to kill and please women.

all of a sudden my name boomed throughout all hell and my body started lifting off the river.

Ah, shit. Here we go again.

I was being taken to The Judge once again to decide my future...again.

Once inside the court room. There, I saw Jesus again.

"Sup!" I waved my hand

His eyes just twitched.

"Sooo...what's it gonna be?" I asked.

Jesus just sighed in helplessness. Never had he gotten a soul that was given access to heaven only to be sent back to hell once again.

He rubbed his temples and started stroking his long goat bea-.

I stopped my train of thoughts when he shot a glare at me daring me to finish that sentence. 'Alright alright' I thought raising my hands in surrender

He sighed

"....let's see, I can only send you to another world. I don't want you in heaven, too much of a risk" He said.

I just shrugged 'I've read these scenerios back on earth'

"You are being sent to a fictional world and I would give you some perks so that you don't have to be defenseless" He stated

"Cool, what world is it?" I asked, holding my excitemen.

"It's" He paused as he smirks at me "Teen Wolf with a couple mixes there like TVD"

"Fuck yeah!" I yelled. Teen wolf and TVD were some of my favorite shows back in the day. It seemed cringy at first but after season 1 of Teen Wolf /TVD, I was hooked, but I don't remember the whole show as I had watch it when I was young so I only remember major plots or the characters but not every single detail. Meh, I'm sure everything will be okay, I'm excited, who wouldn't be excite to be sent to another world, right?. Anyways, "What perks are you allowing me?" I asked

He pundered for a bit "I'll give you a bloodline, but it has it has to be on the same theme. Teen wolf was based on Werewolves but there were other creatures as well, so I suggest choose a supernatural creature only"

"Hmmm...I want to be an Original Hybrid" I wondered if this would be allow.

Jesus stared at me for a good while "Fine"

"Can you make my werewolf, a lycan and bigger and buffer than Gabriel's lycan form from Van Helsing movie with red slit eyes, I want to have full control of it too. I don't want to be bound by the moon and since I will be an Original Vampire my werewolf weaknesses become none making the white oak stake as the only weapon that can kill me just as an Original vampire, since you can't rip an Original's head or heart out, their bodies are almost indestructibe and even if you manage, the head or heart will grow back"

"Also make my true face much like Klaus's but with red slit eyes of an Alpha instead of yellow. I want to be born an Alpha already"

Jesus just waved his hand "Sure...you just need a trigger to awaken your werewolf or it will awaken itself when you hit puberty" he paused "Do you want your bite to be lethal to anything? even spirits and all supernatural?"

"Yes, I want my bite to kill anything, even spirits and my blood to be the cure to all illness, even cancer and lethal bites from other creatures like werewolf or Upgraded Original"

I was surprised, I was thinking this but I was worried he would simply deny me this but since he is pretty much allowing it.

"I'm Jesus!" He raised both his hands in the air. "I KNOW WHAT GOES ON YOUR MIND!!"

Of course he can read my mind.

The other people around started chanting "Amen"

"You like that, don't you?" I smirked seeing how he was being satisfied by others' praise and worship.

He stood up and walked towards me and whisper in my ear "Yup" before everything became dark.

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