Supernatural: The Huntsman.

Some guy in the world of Supernatural hunting and chill and killing. don't expect much. I made this on a whim. Don't even know how it's going to start or end. This is a work of fanfiction based on [Supernatural] created by [Idk]. It is not intended for commercial use, and all rights to the original characters and settings belong to [idek]. Enjoy this fan-made creation inspired by [Supernatural].

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Alex raised his knife high. And like lightning brought it down.

"NOOOOO!!!" screamed a woman.

As an almost glowing blade of steel slid through the neck of Jacob. Detaching his head from his body.

Alex did not know what creature Jacob was, but with state, he found the victims in. Their bodies being drained. And the claws, fangs, and prowess of Jacob. He believed that his prey were most likely vampires.

And there was one sure way to kill a vamp.


Jacob's arms fell to his sides, and his kneeling headless body lost all power. And under the watchful eyes of those present, he fell to the ground.

The world stopped for Rose, as she watched the headless body of her beloved son fall to the ground.

She could help but think of all that she had experienced that led to this. Her son was the one dying, yet she was the one whose life was flashing before her eyes.

Ever since they got turned into vampires, they had had to live like rats. Always hiding, feeding on leftovers or junkies and strays on the streets.

It got even worse when her pack was discovered by hunters. They were relentlessly hunted and chased all over the place. Never safe always on the run.

Until one day, her husband Jack brought home a necklace he had found by accident and thought it would look good on her. She discovered that the shell necklace could make any person fall in love with you or think they were in love with you. Of course, the effect lasted 2 to 3 days. But that was more than enough.

More than enough to take a stand, to change their life, to turn the tided. With this necklace, they returned to their original role of predators. They faced the hunters that had chased them for so long and completely destroyed them and turned them on each other.

They covered their tracks and moved here. The power of the necklace was too much they couldn't trust anyone other than themselves with it.

They were just doing what it took to survive.

'Why,? Just why won't these people just leave us alone.' Rose thought.

"I'll kill you." Growled Rose.

At Alexander, who stood in front of her, still holding onto the head of Jacob in his left hand and a combat knife in his other hand.

Her claws were growing out, and her fangs protruded out.

She charged at Alexander.

"No wait." Shouted Jack who reached out to grab her.

But alas, it was too late she was just out of his reach.

Rose was completely furious. Her husband's concerns were nothing but noise that needed to be tuned out.

Alexander also charged at her. Her speed wasn't thar much different from Jacob's. They had probably been turned at the same time.

With a knife in his left and a head in still in his right, he charged at her.

She was blinded by rage it would be an easy kill.

Alexander predicted Roses first move and easily ducked underneath a fast-moving claw slash to the face.

This was it. He was within attacking range. Her side was open. She had already wasted her attack. She was meat to the slaughter.

If Alex played his cards just right, he could put her out of commission long enough to deal with the husband that was probably about to shake off his shock.

Alexander might never get another chance like this.

His right hand swished through the air. The knife held in it accompanied, glistening pink. Its destination, Rose.

But when his knife was quickly approaching Rose.

'No!' He hesitated, or rather, he stopped.

'I can't kill her she's the one.' Alexander thought.

Before he could contemplate what had happened, Rose had already repositioned, and another claw slash was raging towards his head.

He quickly rolled away from the attack. However, he had been a tad slow he couldn't fully avoid the attack and was scratched.

"Ughhm" Alex grunted.

He had 4 claw strokes on his shoulder.

His roll had put him closer and in the path of Jacob's father Jack who was behind him about to pounce on him.

Thinking quickly, almost instinctively, he lobbed Jacob's head behind him to Jack. Who was surprised by the actions caught the head.

This bought Alex all the time he needed to quickly turn around and run at Jack.

There was something weird with Rose that stopped him from hurting her, but surely this man didn't have the same thing.

Jack realised what was happening and dropped the head and tried to attack but was too late. Alex was already by his side. His knife in hand.

He stabbed into Jack's armpit and jammed the knife straight through.

"AGHH" Jack cried.

But Alex was just getting started. He let go of his knife and put Jack's injured arm in an arm lock. Then, by stepping on, Jack's knee jumped over and around Jack, still gripping the arm.

"Aggggghhhh." Jack continued to scream.

Alex now stood behind Jack with Jack's arm awkwardly and unnaturally draped over Jack's shoulder and the hilt of the knife where Jack's arm should naturally be.

He gripped onto the hilt. Raised his head stared directly into the eyes of the shocked and delirious Rose.

And in one motion ripped and cut off Jack's arm.

"Agghhh." Jack screamed loudly in pain.

He couldn't give Jack the same treatment as Jacob because Rose was now charging at him.

So he simply stabbed his knife into his throat. Which would keep him out of commission for a bit.

Long enough to deal with Rose.