1 A Junk Shop

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During the thirty years of the establishment of Infinium, a city was built on a towering mountain. It was so close to the moon that it was named Zhiyue City1.

In this city, there were many level one green grade mythical beasts. Hence, many mercenaries from other places came to acquire them.

In Infinium, there was no lack of cultivation venues, primary and intermediate colleges in Zhiyue City.

As there were many people gathered here, the business culture in Zhiyue City was extremely developed.

However, in this bustling city, there was a small street with very few people. At the end of the street, there was a small shop. The owner of this shop was resting his cheek with his hand and looking at the empty street. That was what it meant to be utterly bored.

"Dingdong! The shop owner system has been successfully activated. Do you accept the system procedure?"

All of a sudden, a nondescript voice sounded in Zhang Feng's mind, causing him to jolt in shock.

It was finally here. He had already transmigrated here for more than half a month. The system he had been waiting for was finally to be activated! From now on, he would begin his climb to greatness.

In the future, his shop would be prosperous and he would have countless customers. He would have endless money and beauties to hug… All sorts of beautiful desires had already filled his imagination.

At this moment, the electronic voice system reminded Zhang Feng again. "Do you accept the system procedure?"

Zhang Feng's thoughts were pulled back as he quickly responded to the system. "Confirm acceptance!"

Although he didn't know what kind of system the shop owner's system was, it was definitely a golden opportunity.

Wasn't his purpose here to get more money?

Immediately after, the system's voice was still emotionless as it echoed in Zhang Feng's mind. "The shop owner's system has been officially activated. Main mission: Opening a shop (Owning a shop, dealing with money transactions, and of course conducting business.)

Mission Reward: The shop owner system reward is available. Mission time limit: No time limit. "

Zhang Feng turned around to look at his shop, which was a little more than ten square meters in size. There were swords and shields that looked like metal pancakes lying on the ground. There were also the accumulated food wrappers, tissues, and even moss on the walls due to the humidity.

He asked the system in his mind, "Although my shop is a little shabby, is this considered completing the mission?"

"If you hadn't reminded me, I would have thought that you were a savage living in a cave," the system retorted mercilessly.

Zhang Feng: "…" Even though he was faced with the system's merciless criticism, he still found a direction. Wasn't it because it found his shop dirty and messy?

Thus, Zhang Feng cleaned up the entire shop. He hung the swords and shields that were for sale up on the wall and tidied them up. By the time he was done, most of the afternoon had gone by.

It looked like a shop now, although the area of the shop was still a little small. Furthermore, it was built at the end of the most remote part of Zhiyue City. There were at most two or three people walking on the street.

Zhang Feng stretched his aching back and summoned the system in his mind. "Now the shop should pass, right?"

The system was silent for a moment. Perhaps it really did not want to make things difficult for Zhang Feng, so it replied, "Main mission completed. Shop owner system has been activated successfully."

After that, a wave of energy swept across the entire shop. Everywhere it passed, there were earth-shattering changes. The cracks on the walls of the shop looked brand new, and even the floor had turned into high-quality porcelain tiles.

The facilities inside and outside the shop had been changed. They were decorated as if they were new. Even the windows had become wide cupboards.

The originally 10-square-meter store had now become a 60-square-meter store. There was an additional warehouse at the back of the store, and there were many weapons and equipment inside.

While Zhang Feng was still in shock, the system spoke, "The shop has officially opened. Please begin to bring out the items for sale."

Before Zhang Feng could react, a huge round plate appeared before him. This round plate was filled with many items such as divine beasts, weapons, secret manuals, medicinal herbs, and so on.

Zhang Feng's mouth fell wide open, and his pair of bright eyes shone with desire.

The system's emotionless voice reminded Zhang Feng, "Host, activate the turntable and you will be rewarded immediately."

"No problem!" Zhang Feng thought that his luck wouldn't be bad, considering how he had already encountered a matter like transmigration.

Zhang Feng used his mind to turn the wheel, and the needle of the wheel passed through the prize area. The most valuable item inside was the mythical beast. He thought to himself that he had to get the mythical beast!

However, towards the end, the rotation of the wheel became slower and slower. The needle originally had a chance of pointing at the mythical beast, but it had just passed through the selection frame of the mythical beast and ended up on the Immortal Pill.

"F*ck!" Zhang Feng cursed out. Lady Luck had passed him by! But, the Immortal Pill was pretty decent as well.

However, what the system said next made Zhang Feng curse once again—"The immortal pill has already entered the reserve channel. As the host's store owner's level is low, he can only open a low-level Immortal Pill medicine pool."

Zhang Feng was speechless. Where did this level requirement come from? The system had never mentioned it to him before.

"I say, shouldn't you give me an explanation as to what the level of a shop owner means? This thing has an upper and lower class?" Zhang Feng's face was stern. This system was too irresponsible to the host.

The system did not reply to Zhang Feng immediately. Instead, a light blue translucent panel appeared in front of Zhang Feng. On it was a message about his information on the system.

Host's Name: Zhang Feng

Level: 1

Store income: Five Coins.

Storage channels: Low Grade Immortal Pills, Iron Sword, Bronze Shield

System evaluation: A rookie store manager (Actual evaluation, one level lower than a rookie. However, since the system's lowest evaluation is 'rookie', it automatically upgraded to 'rookie'.)

Zhang Feng looked at the translucent light-blue panel and his long face fell. He thought to himself, Alright, so be it if I am a rookie. After all, everyone started as a rookie.

Thinking up to this point, the system added, "As the shop owner's level determines the future supply channel, please increase your level to avoid lowering the combined level of the system."

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