Supernatural Academy (Original) Book

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Supernatural Academy (Original)


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Rita Hayes thinks the academy she's newly admitted to is built specifically for vampires such as herself. Only it isn't. Mythical creatures all over the world also goes to the same school; including cyclops who creeps her out, witches and warlocks whom she can never get along with, dwarves who scares the hell out of her, gargoyles, nicompaths or nincompoops (she doesn't remember), and worst of them all are werewolves whom she loathes with her entire being. Furthermore, she meets Kai Wuthrow, an infuriatingly hot werewolf and discovers a secret of his which no being on earth should never know. Will she be able to keep his secret? And will she be able to protect herself from him? Or will she fail and in the process, get herself inexplicably killed... ««« A/N : «This will be quite a ride. «Seems very random but I promise there's a plot. ^^ «First supernatural story so please bear with me. «What are you waiting for? Add this to your library and read now. ;)