2 Chapter 2 - Boom Boy

"Fight me damn it!!", Bakugo snapped slamming his hands on my desk.

"Dude...", I thought, "Take your pills, and chill out."

Trying to ignore him only pissed him off more. When he reached for my collar, I smacked him away. Sliding a feet backwards he looked at me like I had accepted the duel or something.

"Seriously kid...who the fuck pissed in your Wheaties.", I thought approaching him.

"You guys shouldn't fight...", Deku said barely able to speak.

"Stay out of this!!", Bakugo snapped.

Rolling my eyes, I got behind Bakugo and chopped his neck just hard enough to knock him out. Sitting him at his desk I took my seat again between Momo and Ochaco. Making it look like I was listening to the teacher I started to plan out my path from here.

"First things first, I have to make a material that can withstand my strength, speed, and potential fights. Normal fabric will burn up, or rip in a fight...bet I can make some good metal fabrics with a Hydroncollider , but they don't have those here. I can make one, but I will also need to make a power source too.", I thought, "I have plans for several different ones, but it boils down too me be a kid. If I produce them they will think I am some sort of freak, my Dad could do it but that would make problems for him. I guess I can wait till I am 10, and start then. For now I can start processing materials, and those can come from space. No one will be the wiser if a few asteroids go missing."

Poking my cheek, Ochaco brought me back to reality. Staring at me the teacher asked me again to say my alphabet. Between this, Boom Boy, and my mother constantly taking pictures of me I may go insane.

Pushing our desks together for lunch Ochaco, Mina, Momo, Deku, and I all ate lunch together. Bakugo wasn't happy about my stunt earlier, and came to pester us again. Ignoring him because I was hungry let him rant while I ate. Five minutes in Mina asked him to stop because he was being annoying. Not caring she was a girl he was going to shove her except I stopped him before he did.

"If you want to eat with us you can. Don't be mean to my friends, or you won't like the consequences.", I said.

"And just what are you going to do this-"

Getting behind him I grabbed his underwear, and gave him a wedgie. Shrieking he swung at me, and missed as kept slowly raising the underwear. Eventually he pleaded with me to stop, so I did. Letting go of them, Bakugo quickly ran to the restroom to fix them leaving us in silence. I felt that was sufficient, and wouldn't be an issue given his temperament.

"You are so cool!!", Deku said with excitement, "No one has ever stood up to Kaachan!!"

"He isn't that tough, mostly bark with a little bite.", I replied.

"Are you going to be a Hero like All Might!!", Deku asked.

"Maybe, I don't know yet.", I lied.

I fully intended to be a Hero, but I wouldn't be the Symbol of Peace. The whole reason All for One got so influential was because their can only be a single At!bol of Peace. When we got in the game I would recreate the Justice League here, and together all of us would be the Pillars of Peaces for the public. One man can't carry the weight alone, it takes a team.

"I can maybe recreate a Green Lantern ring, but the other members won't be the same.", I thought.

Once school was over I invited my friends over to play. My hope was my mother would relax if I brought friends over. Obviously dating wasn't happening for a five year so my belief was she'd not cause a scene...boy was I wrong. Not more than two steps in my mother was already scrutinizing the girls. Before she got to lecturing them about me I told her we were only going to play and have a snack, nothing else. Leaving us be while staying close by I sighed realizing dating in Middle School and High School would be brutal. Nejire arrive a short time later puffing her cheeks out saying it was rude to forget about her. I would have asked, but we were in different schools.

---- Five years later ----

Our group had grown substantial since Kindergarten. Meeting future students of Class B as well as other future Heroes, my life became quite busy. Thanks to Momo's mother my mother had slowly easier off the craziness about me around girls. That said she figured out that threatening me with baby pictures was a good way to insure I didn't do anything bad.

Father let me start dabbling in inventing thing one my tenth birthday, and I dove right into it. Drawing out the plans for a Nuclear Fusion Arc Reactor, I wrote out the math for his scientists, and then pitched the idea. Needless to say I turned some heads, made a few people faint, and even caused two scientists to retire from this single project. Since this world revolved mainly around Quirks science in this area was underdeveloped. This single reactor would be enough to power the city, and neighboring suburbs.

Pitching the Hydroncollider to them as well, and explained what I intended to do with it the teams turned to my father painted in agony. Even for them I was speaking gibberish, but they understood the math behind what I was doing. They realized that just those two inventions would flip normal science on it's head. That was until I unveiled my last invention, Nano machines.

"Son, what do they do?", my father asked.

"These machines in particular are made to help people. For example, if someone gets shot with sharpnal, and doctors can't safely extract all of it these robots can. They can break it apart, and remove it safely without harming the patient. They can be used to repair skin, bones, organs, and even reconstruct brain tissue.", I said.

"Son...you realize what you are saying, right?", he said shaking with excitement, "If it can do all that you will become a very wealthy man."

"Money is nice, but I want to help people. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have healthy children or parents. I want to give people hope for a brighter future, and give families all that I had up till now...loving parents.", I said.

"That's my boy!!", he said tearing up, "You make me so proud Clark!! Sebas, schedule medical trials for his invention and get to work on the other two inventions as well."

"Right!!", they shouted.

Two weeks later our company announced a technological breakthrough that could heal the most injured people in the world. We didn't have the request out for volunteers for more than an hour before we had hundreds of people asking for treatment. Starting from the most dire patients my machines got to work healing people. Giving people the ability to walk again, reattaching nerves, and even restoring eye sight were just some of the issues we were resolving. By the end of the first wave of trials we had drawn a lot of attention.

Informing my father to make sure he needed up security, I was concerned we would draw villains in who would attempt to steal it. All for One was one person I didn't want getting their hands on. I was concerned enough that I programmed the nano machine to destroy his body should he get them. Gran Torino and All Might showed up after all the patients had left. I knew he was All Might even though he was in his skinny form due to my knowledge of future events.

"Hey brat, I have a friend of mine that could use some help.", he said motioning to All Might.

"You mean Mr. All Might.", I said with a grin.

Both of them froze in shock.

"I don't know what your talking about...", they said trying to play it off.

"He has the same breathing patterns...not to mention the only friend you ever mention is All Might.", I said.

"Breathing Patterns?", All Might asked.

"Super Hearing, you and All Might have the same labored breathing. All for One did a number on you.", I said, "Come inside, I can take a look."

Getting him in a private room, I used my X-ray vision to see the extent of the damage. Sure enough his insides were terrible, not to mention all over the place. Mentally noting all of the damage he asked if he could be healed. Ensuring that no one was listening in I told him my diagnosis.

"You can be healed, but you will need to take two days off. Getting that injury was painful, but fixing it will be just as bad.", I said, "It's safer to put you under, and do the repairs. Doing it while you are awake will cause you immeasurable pain."

"You have a suggestion?", Gran Torino asked.

"Two places, first is U.A High School second is my private lab.", I said, "Both are secure, private places where no villain would think to look for you."

"I'd rather limit the danger to others, your lab will work.", All Might replied.

"Alright, follow me.", I said.

Having them follow me to the basement, I used a hidden door to take them four stories down to my lab. Built by me for private use not even my parents knew it existed. Even though I had waited for my parents approval to experiment at age 10, it didn't stop me from tinkering. Showing him the capsule he would be using Untold him how it would work.

"This machine will work from the bottom up. This is a prototype that no one has access too yet. Not only will it repair your injuries, it will put you in the best shape you have ever been in. It will repair injuries prior to your getting One for All.", I said.

"How much do you know?", he asked in shock.

"Enough to know why you got that injury. I don't blame you...if I lost someone dear to me I would have done the same.", I said.

All Might looked at Gran Torino with a confused look. Snickering the old man said that I was secretly an old man trapped in a kids body...if only he knew he was right. Getting All Might put under, I started the machine up and monitored his vitals.

"So this thing is like a miracle cure?", he asked.

"Don't phrase it like that, new disease are born all the time. It can only repair what it knows how to fix.", I said, "Calling it a miracle cure gives the wrong impression, I can't stop someone from dying, I can regrow lost limbs, and I can't bring back the dead. This is meant to help people that have a chance at living...giving someone false hope would be wrong."

"So he will be good as new?", he asked.

"His injuries will be repaired, and his body will be at the peak of health. That said he will have to work out to get back to peak strength.", I stated.

"Fair enough.", he said, "Can that thing fix me up too?"

"What's wrong with you, I can't fix being old.", I jabbed.

"There you go with that mouth of yours.", he laughed.

Two days later All Might woke up, and I had him test himself. Changing into his buff form he moved around to see if he could feel any pain. Finding that he had none, and felt better than ever he gave me a thumbs up.

"That is one heck of a machine!!", he laughed.

"I am glad you are healed. Please don't tell others about this machine, I don't want All for One trying to steal it.", I said.

"You mean he's alive?", they asked.

"Some doctor is keeping him alive under the promise of funding for some project. I tried reporting it to the police, but they laughed me out of the station.", I suggest minding that fact, "I haven't met either of them, but the way the doctor talks only someone at your level or higher could have injured him that badly."

"I see...wait a moment, your the boy who caught Pirate King right?", All Might asked.

"Was that his name!?", I asked, "Who runs around dressed like a pirate!! To answer your question, yes and I am the one responsible for a third of the police force being fired."

"Now that makes sense, you have the Heart of a Hero.", he laughed, "I look forward to seeing you grow up into a fine young man. Well I appreciate you healing my injuries, if there is anything else you need please let me know."

"I will keep that in mind.", I said escorting them out the back entrance.

Had Deku known I met All Might he may have fainted from shock. Keeping the visit private I didn't tell a soul of what I did, for my family's sake. Having tested it out, I learned that since Superman's powers became Quirks my only real weakness was Red Sun Radiation. Since Kryptonite wasn't something anyone in this world could produce and magic was a fairy tale, only that was enough to weaken me. Sure other attacks might be hurt or knock me out, but nothing could kill me that I had found.

While I was almost invincible my parents didn't share this protection. They were my biggest weakness, and the real chip in my armor. I loved my parents dearly, and the thought of endangering them was painful. I recognized when I started building things that my inventions would definitely endanger my family hence the need for a weapon they could use to protect themselves...a Green Lantern ring. The theory behind making one was fuzzy at best, but I felt up to the challenge even if it could only put a barrier around them.

Mulling ideas for how to make that possible around in my head, I was brought back to reality when Mina jumped on me in class. Shaking me around she said it was time to go home, and that we had a project to do. Stuck doing projects about a period in Japan's history I had already completed mine, but some slackers were requesting my assistance...Bakugo and Mina. Of course Bakugo didn't ask me, he mom made him do it since she felt he needed friends.

"Don't think this changes anything!!", he snapped following me down the hall with Mina.

"If you don't shut up you will be going from a boy to a girl real quick.", I thought, "Didn't take into consideration that I would be the guru for my classmates. Still it's nice though, get to spend time with my female friends and Deku. Could really do without Bakugo, but Deku insisted on letting him join us."

Back at my home I was helping the two of them get their reports done. As expected Bakugo fought me every inch of the way, and Mina insisted on playing video games instead of working. Forcing them to finish with a smack on the head Bakugo bolted the moment he was done. He didn't like admitting he had help, and usually belittled anyone that did help. The only reason his mom came to me was because I was the only one who would hit him if he stepped out of line.

"What a jerk.", Mina said sprawled out on the floor.

Girls in this world started developing earlier than I would have thought. Years of being around me meant they were shy about their appearance. Deku froze up any time their shirts were even a centimeter higher than usual...poor kid. I had to admit I may have ruined his chances with Ochaco, but I would certainly help him find someone. That girl with the knife liked him in the manga so I would set them up after helping her blood urges.

"Clark!!", Nejire said jumping on to me as she ran into the room, "Are you done helping them?"

"He is, why are you rubbing all over him!?", Mina snapped.

"I don't see a problem with it.", she said.

"I do, we shouldn't be doing that.", Mina said.

"So don't, I will.", Nejire said.

"This would be nice...if I was 16.", I thought, "Right now it's just awkward."

"You know when you get to Middle School next year there will be dances to go too.", Nejire said.

"Dances?", Mina laughed, "Why does that matter?"

"Because boys and girls usually dance.", Momo said walking in with Ochaco, Toru, and Itsuka, "That's why Nejire is doing that."

"Oh that's right...", I thought, "I skipped middle school all together, but I remember hearing about the dances...lots of cat fights over boys and girls. Maybe I can be the guy that follows the group of girls around like a bodyguard."

"You caught me, I am allowed to invite Clark.", she boasted, "I got the principal's permission."

"You want me to go? Aren't I a bit to immature for you?", I asked.

"Says the one making headlines for his invention.", Nejire laughed, "Will you go with me?"

"Hold on, it's not fair you get to hog him. What about us, we like hanging out with him after school. if you take him for the day what do we do.", Mina asked.

"Your homework.", I jabbed.

"Teehee!", she replied.

Sitting down for our usual bout of Smash Bros. I ended up letting them win a few rounds, then crushed them for fun. This didn't go unpunished as all of them refused to play with me on the game for the rest of the day. Escorting them home afterwards, Alfred drove me back home in the family limo. As we were going home we noticed a commotion on the playground. There fighting several older kids was Bakugo acting like a hot head. Usually I would have let them be, but several of the kids had baseball bats in hand. Having Alfred wait for me I went over to help him.

"What was it you were saying kid?", the bulky preteen snapped.

"You heard me, I was here first!", Bakugo retorted.

"Just because you were here first doesn't mean squat, we out number you so get out of here!", the boy shouted.

"This is where I train you get out of here!", Bakugo retorted.

"This is your last warning kid.", the boy said motioning for his friends to step forward.

"I can take all of you!!", Bakugo shouted.

Ganging up on him Bakugo was ready to scrap, but he wouldn't win this one. Several of them probably had Quirks so it wouldn't be an easy fight for him. Getting to him in time to back him up, I stopped the first two bags before they got him. Crushing them like toothpicks I stared at the leader.

"Leave him alone, then playground is big enough for you to play elsewhere.", I said.

"You his friend?", he asked.

"The hell he is!!", Bakugo shouted.

"Unfortunately yes.", I sighed, "Just leave him be, it isn't worth fighting about."

"Oh I think it is.", he said poking me.

"Don't push your luck, I am trying to be nice.", I said narrowing my eyes, "Just walk away."

"I think your just scared that I will-"

Grabbing his shoulders applied enough force to make him drop to his knees. Kneeling there he tried to get back up, but found he couldn't move an inch.

"Last warning...", I stated, "I don't want to hurt you, but if you pick on my friends you pick on me...and I don't tolerate bullies."

"I understand...we will go.", he said.

Letting him go he took his friends and left. Turning back to Bakugo I smacked him, and called him an idiot. He could have gotten in trouble if he used his Quirk as it could have killed him. My stunt would have been chalked up to just working out.

"Don't lecture me.", he said.

"I am taking you to your house before you fight someone else.", I stated.

"Like hell you-"

"Or I can call your mother, and let her know you wanted to start a fight.", I said.

"...coming.", he said.

Deciding to play nice, and not report his actions to his mother I returned home and got ready for the next day. Since it was the weekend I had been forced to make plans with my friends instead of tinkering. It was a bit frustrating, but the equipment was still being built for my other two inventions so it wasn't like it was all that important. Meeting everyone at Momo's house, Deku showed us his new All Might figure and was telling us all about how he was stopping crime faster than ever before. Apparently All Might was putting his body to work after being healed, but it wasn't my concern.

"He is so cool!!", Deku said fangirling out.

"I am sure he is, he is the Number 1 Hero.", I said floating on my back in the pool.

"It's a wonderful day for a swim.", Nejire said with a smile floating on a sea horse float.

"You can say that again.", Toru said, "It does wonders for my skin."

Laughing at her joke, we all got comfortable...aside from Mina who decided to cannon ball onto me by mistake. Bouncing off like a rock she squealed rubbing her backside after skipping across my abs. Splashing me in the face several times she said she wanted to fight. With a wave of my arm I sent a small wave towards her sending her and the others away from me. Grinning at them Nejire flew over to me, and tried to knee drop onto me. Casually dodging, she sunk next to me into the pool. When she didn't come up for a minute I looked over, and realized we were in the shallow end now. Floating on the bottom she apparently passed out when he knees locked up.

Pulling her out, I immediately started to do CPR while calling for help. Making sure not to push to hard, I did my best to save her. The third time I went to breath into her mouth, she latched on to me and kissed me. Standing their with shocked looks the others were dumbfounded she'd do this to me.

"Hehe, how about going to dance with me?", she asked.

"How about you go take a dip to cool off.", I said tossing her into the deep end.

Shaking my head at her bold move, I glanced over to see the other girls were puffing their cheeks out. To my knowledge I was the only one that could see Toru without equipment. From what I could tell she had an extra organ that made her invisible by putting a barrier around her that reflected normal light. The day she found out I could see her I thought she was going to explode with joy...today though she looked like she wanted to beat someone up.

Coming back out of the pool Nejire asked me seriously to go to her dance with her. Since she went to the trouble of coordinating the effort, I accepted her offer. This didn't sit well with the other girls who became visibly angry. I understood it was jealousy, but it went over Deku's head. Asking them why they were upset was the last thing anyone should do in that situation so he found himself being thrown into the pool.

"Poor kid...", I thought.

A week later I showed up to Nejire's home dressed up in a tuxedo. When my mother heard I had been asked to go to the dance, she went all out getting me ready. I wanted a normal suit, but she insisted on it being a tuxedo. Looking to my father for help he bowed out almost immediately after my mother shot him a look. Of course she snapped nearly a thousand photos of me giggling like the Joker.

"I am here to pick you up.", I said.

"Hehe, you look very handsome in that tuxedo.", she laughed with a beautiful smile.

"You look breath taking in yours.", I said with a bow.

"Oh my!", she giggled, "Such flattery."

Escorting us to the dance, Alfred said he would return in an hour and half to pick us up. Having never danced formally in either lives I did my best not to step on her feet as she led us in dancing. I picked it up quickly though so halfway through I was the one leading. Other boys tried to cut in for a dance, but we scared off when she gave them a scowl, same went for the girls that tried to take her place too. Towards the end of the dance the two of us got off the floor, and went outside. Princess carrying her up to the roof we sat on the roof together looking up at the stars.

If I was six years older I would have been laying the charm on to Nejire, but right now this was more than enough. Laying her head on my shoulder she thanked me for coming to the dance with her. Holding my hand she admitted that she liked me, and hoped that in the future we would be able to date. She even went as far as to say she'd share me with the others like they discussed this already. As the time to go home drew near, a commotion broke out in front of the school.

Looking out towards the noise, a police car was on it's roof with the cops still inside. Seeing a seriously ripped guy laughing like a moron, I recognized who he was immediately. Knowing that Nejire was in danger I told her I needed to get her out of here. Asking what was going on, I took her home in an instant and returned to the school. Changing into some jeans and t-shirt, I ran to the scene where some Heroes had already arrived to engage Muscular. The Hero couple were trying to blast him with their water, but they were much better suited to fighting fires not a jacked guy like him.

Ripping the door off the cop car I got the men out, and radioed for backup stating that the cops were out and two Heroes were barely holding Muscular back. Hanging the radio up I ran over to intercept Muscular before he got to them. I knew they were the parents of the boy Deku rescued in the series, and I felt horrible that he lost them to this shitfaced asshole. Giving the brute an upper cut I sent him three stories into the air, and then round house kicked him when he came back down.

"Civilian please stay out of the way!", the two Heroes said.

"You can't handle him!!", I said calmly, "He isn't someone you can fight, think about your family. Get the injured cops to safety, I already contacted their headquarters to request support."

Biting their lips they knew I was right, and begrudgingly accepted the task. Running over to the cops, the picked them up and started to flee.

"Where do you think you are going!?", Muscular screamed like an animal.

"I am your opponent.", I said firmly, "You aren't going to be hurting anyone else tonight Muscular."

"Just because you got a lucky hit in makes you think you can fight me kid!?", he howled, "I am going to make you cry for your mommy before I snap your neck!!"

Tossing a nearby car at me, I caught it and set it to the side gently. By now the news had gotten winded of the villain attack, and helicopters were already showing up. Spotlights hit both of us as he continued hurling things at me. Catching or deflecting most of it, I started advancing towards him.

"Give up, you can't win this!", I shouted, "Make this easy, and just surrender. I don't want to hurt you!"

"You think I am about to give up?", he mocked, "I wonder if your friend in that school are as cocky as you."

"Don't push me Muscular.", I said in a cold tone.

"Did I hit a sore spot?", he laughed.

"This is your final warning Muscular, stand down before I make you.", I stated.

Grabbing one of the school buses, Muscular grinned and flung it at the school. Dashing in front of the petrified students I stopped the bus a few feet from them, and lifted it into the air.

"I warned you Muscular!", I said.

Slamming the bus down on him, I smashed him into the sewer system. Flying down after him, I sucker punched him into the air. Catching him, I spun around fast enough to cause a strong wind to kick up before launching him back into the street. Making a twenty foot deep crater Muscular coughed up a mouthful of blood as he meekly got back up. Giving him a flying elbow drop, I knocked him out without anymore struggle. Taking one of the bus frame rails, I bent it around him to ensure he couldn't flee then waited for the cops to show up.

As one might expect I was taken down to the station, and lectured by the police. Saying that I should have left it to the professionals I retorted that several professionals had been killed by him in the past, and that I wasn't going to see two more added to that list. Calling my parents they came, and got me immediately. This time neither of them were happy with me saying what I did was reckless, and could have cost me my life. Understanding their point of view I apologized, and said I was only trying to help.

"Son, I know you want to be a Hero but you are only ten.", Thomas said, "You need to wait till you are older to do something like this. Yes you are very tough and strong, but you aren't invincible. Think of what could have happened if you died. Both your mother and I would have been devastated and heart broken."

"I know Dad.", I said, "I just...I knew they were a married couple, and that they had a little boy. If I didn't step in both of them would have died, and he would have been alone."

"That...", they said not realizing I knew that much.

"I understand that I should wait till I am older, but they needed my help. Mother and you love me very much, I know that. Your little boy isn't as fragile as you think he is, if I see someone in need I can't turn my back on them. I couldn't look you in the eyes proudly if I simply left it to someone else because...what if I am the only one that can help them.", I stated.

"Clark...", they said in a softer tone.

"There are a lot of Heroes who die in the line of duty. Many of them leave behind children that would give anything to see their parents. I love you both, but if I see a Hero in need I am going to help.", I stated tearing up, "I don't want their children to suffer through losing someone so precious to them."

Even the cops started sniffling after that. They understood that at any moment they could die out on the streets. The fact that someone acknowledge how dangerous it was, and the aftermath of what would happen if they died was touching. As of late the news had painted the cops and Heroes in a negative light following encounters with villains. They didn't know why, but it seemed like the news was trying to get the people to turn on them.

"Well said Young Hero!", All Might said with a proud smile, "You did well today, I am sure those two are very happy you stepped in to help them. Everything you did today is exactly how it should be done, you kept the damage to a minimum and protected the civilians first. That said, understand that your parents are only worried about your safety. No matter what you will always be their child."

"I know, and I am happy that they are worried about me.", I said with a smile.

"That's...our baby!!", the two said trying to squeeze me to death.

"Haha, well Young Hero I hope to see you at U.A High School in a few years. I am sure the police would be happy to recommend you to the school.", All Might said motioning to the commissioner.

"Absolutely, and if you want to help out we have a program that you can help with.", the Commissioner said, "You see, we have a program where children can help other children who have problems fitting in. Sometimes it's simply because they look different, and others because of issues with their Quirks. Would you be interested in helping?"

Looking to my folks they gave me permission since it was in a safe environment. Accepting his request I didn't know it at the time, but it would set me on a course to save a young girl from becoming a villain herself.

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