Chapter 1

"Ah, no!"

Inside the dim room, Ye Xiaofeng was lying on the bed sleeping, he sat up violently. At this time his handsome face was twisted entirely together and his red eyes were full of killing intent. Now he was like a fierce tiger in rage, his whole body emitted a dangerous aura.

Ye Xiaofeng gazes harshly sweeping around due to the cultivation of Ghost Valley forbidden art "Ghost Valley Immortal Cultivation Secret Method" generated by the spiritual power in his body back and forth, the door of the room engraved with the Qingxiu Beauty Salon mark, Ye Xiaofeng's killing intent instantly retracted, fierce breath also returned to the Dantian.

A familiar silhouette appeared in his mind. Ye Xiaofeng clenched his fist, allowing his nails to penetrate deep into his skin. Blood began to spill. The image can be described as a nightmare in real life, like a cloud lingering in his mind.

In the picture, Qin Lan, who had a heavenly beautiful cheek, fell right in front of Ye Xiaofeng, a wound that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

The door of the room was knocked gently and was subsequently pushed open.

A gorgeous woman walked in from outside the room door, the woman's age is about twenty-five years old, her features are lovely, her body is perfect, front and back, wearing a small black suit, the front of her chest is slightly showing, revealing half of the black lace lingerie inside, of course, if you get close, you can also appreciate her an attractive white gully.

The woman walked towards Ye Xiaofeng step by step with her beautiful legs wrapped in black stockings. She was the owner of Qingxiu Jiaren Beauty Salon - Dong Mengna.

"Xiaofeng, take it easy." Dong Mengna came behind Ye Xiaofeng and said in a soft tone.

Ye Xiaofeng looked back towards Dong Mengna. His eyes were hollow and desperate, when she saw Ye Xiaofeng's eyes, Dong Mengna's heart couldn't help but tighten.

Although Ye Xiaofeng is only a small security guard in the beauty salon, Dong Mengna feels that Ye Xiaofeng is not a simple person, so she let him become the only male employee in the beauty salon.

Dong Mengna stretched out her small white hand and gently stroked it on Ye Xiaofeng's handsome and distorted face. She took a look at the bedsheets that were almost crumpled into a ball and frowned slightly.

Ye Xiaofeng's eyes were restless. He stood sluggishly in place, as if he was a walking corpse, his muscles became stiff, his facial expression was distorted, and his originally handsome appearance now became unusually frightening.

"Xiaofeng, don't be like that. You're scaring me." Dong Mengna said while cupping Ye Xiaofeng's cheeks with both hands, her beautiful eyes filled with tenderness as she looked at him.

Sniffing the smell of Chanel perfume emanating from the top of Dong Mengna's body, Ye Xiaofeng's expression gradually returned to normal. His hands moved around and wrapped around Dong Mengna's soft water snake waist.

Dong Mengna blushed, and her cheeks look charming.

Ye Xiaofeng automatically kissed down Dong Mengna's sexy red lips, Dong Mengna also shyly closed her eyes, and the two people's lips were getting closer and closer.

But just when the two people's lips were about to touch together, they heard the sound of broken porcelain outside.

As the only security guard inside the beauty salon, Ye Xiaofeng's brow was slightly furrowed.

Dong Mengna's red lips rose slightly as the two people's lips came into contact, and she didn't seem to be affected in any way, but the sound of cracking porcelain came from outside again.

Ye Xiaofeng gently pushed Dong Mengna. She opened her eyes and looked at the expression on Ye Xiaofeng's face. She sat down depressed on the single bed beside her, while Ye Xiaofeng was like a fierce tiger out of the cage, walked directly towards the hall.

After opening the door of the room, Ye Xiaofeng went directly to the hall.

In the luxuriously decorated hall, a man wearing branded clothing is particularly conspicuous. Ye Xiaofeng knows him. His name is Sun Rongbai, a highly wealthy and handsome man pursuing Dong Mengna some days ago.

Sun Rongbai has broken vases at his feet, a beautiful sexy girl on the left, and a beauty salon attendant standing in front of Sun Rongbai and has five unmistakable fingerprints on her right cheek.

"Damn, I'm going in with her today, what can you do to me."

Sun Rongbai loudly scolded the attendant. The young attendant named Xiao Li's face was full of aggrieved expression, her eyes were wet and tears were playing inside her eyes. After hearing Sun Rongbai's words, Xiao Li's body couldn't help but tremble.

Seemingly sensing that Ye Xiaofeng was walking towards him, Sun Rongbai raised his right hand, revealing a Rolex watch worth hundreds of thousands on his wrist.

Sun Rongbai's right hand fiercely held towards Xiao Li's face. Looking at Sun Rongbai's frightening expression, Xiao Li stood frozen in place, simply did not know what to do.

"Watchdog, get the fuck out of my way, don't find yourself in an uncomfortable situation."

Sun Rongbai looked at Ye Xiaofeng with contempt and disdain and struggled hard with his right hand.

Ye Xiaofeng's room door was opened, and Dong Mengna, who had organized her clothing, came out from inside.

Dong Menna no longer has the flirtatious expression back at the room, and she coldly looked over towards Sun Rongbai.

"Sun Rongbai, this will only make me look down on you more." Dong Mengna said coldly.

"Stinky bitch, you think I still like you, I'm telling you, I have no interest at all in such a thousand-rider good like you." Sun Rongbai looked at Dong Mengna's perfect body, his eyes showed a greedy gaze inside, but his mouth spoke offensive words.

Hearing Sun Rongbai's words, Ye Xiaofeng's face showed an unpleasant expression, he took his right hand hard, and Sun Rongbai wailed in pain.

"Xiaofeng, ask him out." Dong Mengna said indifferently.

Ye Xiaofeng grabbed Sun Rongbai's wrist and walked out directly towards the door, and Sun Rongbai was like a dead dog being dragged outside the beauty salon by Ye Xiaofeng.

The sexy beauty who followed Sun Rongbai was looking at Ye Xiaofeng in horror.

"Watchdog, how dare you to touch him, you wait for it, today I will have to get you killed."