Super Soldier in High School DxD Book

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Super Soldier in High School DxD


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After getting killed by berserk ‘truck-kun’, I was given a second chance to be reborn in DxD as compensation. My perk? Well, the title explains it. If you still don't understand then... Forget it. There is not fixed shedule since I write on the go. I will try to not mess up but hey we're all humans. I'm open to constructive criticism as well as ideas on how to progress the story. If you like, my content and want to see more then support me. This will motivate me to spend more time writing. It a light read no NTR or dark shit is allowed! It's a harme! So, you all no harem lovers can stay away. Please don't write hate comments. Extra tags: Older lover, Milfs, No-loli. Support me; paypal.me/pratik359 Follow me on discord: https://discord.gg/hpe4SqYZKv