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Petrian used to be a normal modern world when suddenly gates connecting to a dungeon that was filled with monsters appeared. After that, humans discover that they could capture the monsters and use them as pets to defeat other monsters. Since then, Petrian has become a world of pet tamer. A thousand years later, a Grade E city was ravaged by a strong monster and many people died. One of them was Lucas’s father. Not only that, Lucas was heavily injured but he miraculously woke up from a coma. When he woke up, he found out that he owned the Pet Nursery System. Lucas used the system and wanted to open the best pet nursery in the universe.

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Chapter 2 - Pet Nursery System

Chapter 2 – Pet Nursery System

[Let's go downstairs. I am going to show you our pet nursery] said Sery. All of them got out of Lucas' room. They passed through the living room and Lucas could see that the living room was fully furnished too. 

There were sofas, a coffee table, television, a few potted plants, and a framed family picture. Lucas was surprised to see that picture because they lost it during the attack. Looking at his father's picture, Lucas's eyes gleamed with tears. Even so, he held it in. 

In the picture, there were five people. Lucas' father, Katheryn, Lucas, Hailey, and another young man. Lucas glanced at Katheryn and asked, "Mom, there is still no news about brother Roland?" 

Katheryn pursed her lip and shook her head. "I try calling him every day but there is no answer. I think he is inside a dungeon," said Katheryn. Roland was Lucas and Hailey's eldest brother. 

Compared to Lucas and Hailey, Roland was a genius pet tamer. His potential was something that appeared once in a while and thanks to that, he was given the scholarship to study at the grade A city. He graduated high school and now a full-fledged pet tamer and decided to stay in grade A city. 

Since then, they rarely contact each other, and recently, it was getting harder to contact him. Katheryn called Roland to ask him to come home when their father passed away but there was no one answering from that side. 

She got worried but there was no one she could ask for help. All she could do was wait for news. It was common when a pet warrior went uncontactable because they went exploring the dungeon. They usually stayed inside the dungeon for months before they came out. 

When Lucas heard that, he frowned. He hoped that nothing unusual happened. After that, they went downstairs and met with a wide-open area. "How can this place be wider than yesterday?" Hailey exclaimed as it did not make sense that the first floor was wider than before. 

"Spatial rooms are normal in popular shops. We rarely see it before because we cannot afford to get inside a shop like that," said Katheryn while smiling and Hailey nodded. 

Lucas looked at the front door and there was a small waiting area and a counter divided the waiting area and inside of the nursery. 

[Well then, I will first explain to everyone how this nursery works] said Sery. [For this nursery to run, it will need energy and that energy is money. I want to let you run the nursery without needing to pay but this is the law of the universe. If you want something, you need to pay the price] said Sery in an apologetic voice. 

"It is fine. I understand. You can continue," said Lucas and Katheryn nodded. They knew that there were no free things in the world. 

[You will need to pay 100 Peto (the world currency) every day for this nursery to run properly and the nursery system will take 50% of the daily income. For example, a service costs a customer 50 Peto. 25 Peto will be used by the system to operate the service bought by the customer and the other 25 Peto will go to your pocket] said Sery. 

"It is not as expensive as I thought," said Katheryn. 

[Madam, you are lucky because Lucas is a nice boy and that is the reason the system is lenient towards him. Let say he is wicked and loves to trick others, the system will go stricter] said Sery. 

[Let's continue, as the owner of the Pet Nursery System, Lucas could use all the services for free for his pets. This too is thanks to Master's kindness. If Master is not a kind boy, he will need to pay the same price as his customer] said Sery. 

[As for Katheryn and Hailey, as part of the family and employee of the nursery, you will gain a 90% discount to use all the services here. For future employees, if you will have future employees, they will get a 30% discount] said Sery. 

Lucas, Katheryn, and Hailey nodded. They did not know the effect of the nursery, so, they did not feel anything when they heard of the free and discount thing. 

[Well then, let us move on to the services provided by this nursery at the moment. Let's enter Room No 1] said Sery and Lucas opened the door no 1 and entered it. Inside, another wide space appeared and there was a massive room encased with a transparent thick glass wall. 

"Wow~ Sery, what is this room?" Hailey asked because she was amazed by the room. 

[This is the nursing room. Our first service will be nursing. In this service, we will accept any pet from our customer that is injured and helps to heal them. This transparent room is our nursing pen. It can accommodate all pets of any size] said Sery. 

"What kind of injury can this nursing pen heals?" Lucas asked. It was better to know the details so that they could explain it to the customer. 

[Everything including severed limbs. The time it takes to heal is based on the type of injuries suffered by the pet] said Sery. 

"No limit??" Katheryn was shocked. 

[At the moment, the limit we have is that we can only accept Stage 1 pets. The same with other services too] said Sery and they nodded. Sery added, [Also, one nursing pen can only heal one pet at a time and this nursery can only accommodate ten nursery pens at this time]

"So, how to increase this limit?" Lucas asked. 

[You will need to level up the pet nursery system. There is a mission tab added to your system. Completing the missions will give experience to the pet nursery system and once the system level up, the limit will increase] said Sery. 

[You can check your system later to see the mission tab. Ah, there is also a shop added to your system for you to buy things you can use in the nursery, including the nursing pen] said Sery. 

Lucas did not seem surprised that he needed to buy more nursing pens. He already predicted it when he heard the nursery had a limit of 10 but there was only 1 nursing pen available. Sery also said earlier that the nursery ran on money, so he was sure that more money would be needed to better the nursery. 

After that, Sery led them to Roor No 2. When they went inside, they were greeted with another room with a transparent thick glass wall but behind the wall was a scenery area. There was grassland and trees around. The area looked comfortable. 

[The nursery's second service is the Caring service. We can help customers taking care of their pets for a while with this service. When a customer wants to use the Caring service, the pet will be put here] said Sery. 

"The nursing pen can heal. What about this grassland?" Hailey asked. 

[This is not a grassland but a pet playground. This playground can accommodate five pets at one time. Pets playing in this playground will have a better mood after they get out and will perform better in battle due to the increase of good mood] explained Sery. 

He added, [This playground is also useful in curing pets with a psychological condition like PTSD, and all other mental illnesses] Lucas, Katheryn, and Hailey were shocked. Mental illness was hard to cure especially when it was on pets. 

"Then, can I heal my trauma?" Hailey asked. She knew that she still feared the monsters and had been having a nightmare recently. It was torturing and that was the reason she slept with Katheryn. 

[I am sorry Miss Hailey. This playground is only effective for pets] replied Sery. Sery knew about Hailey's trauma too and that was the reason he put a king bed inside Katheryn's room. Since he could not help Hailey, Katheryn might be able to. 

Hailey pouted. She thought that she could use the playground but she could not. [But, many pets have skills that can soothe the mind. If Miss Hailey can catch one of them, it will be helpful] said Sery but Hailey seemed to dislike the idea. She feared the monster and did not want them as her pet. 

���We will think about that later," said Katheryn. "Sery, show us another service," said Katheryn while smiling trying to diffuse the situation. 

[Oo, Oh! Let's go to Room No 3] said Sery. 

"Hailey, let's go," said Lucas. He grabbed Hailey's hand and led them to the third room. Once they got in, they were greeted with a room that had a massive screen. This room was completely different from the two previous rooms. 

"A guardroom?" Hailey blurted. 

[No. This is a monitor room for our training service. Our nursery provides pet training services similar to other Per Nurseries. However, our nursery is slightly different] said Sery and he added [Do you see that tube over there? That is where you put the pet card on] 

Lucas, Katheryn, and Hailey walked over to the tubes. [When we put the pet cards inside these tubes, they will be transported to our nursery's dungeon and will go through training there] said Sery, and the trio was shocked. 

"Dungeon?" Lucas asked. From his knowledge, the dungeon was scattered around all over the world and was filled with monsters and dangers. For a serious, full-fledged pet tamer, they would frequent the dungeon to train their pets as well as catching new monsters for their new pets. 

Due to the danger of the dungeon, the government guarded all the dungeons and for a pet tamer to get in, they would either need to join the military or pay an entrance fee. There was no dungeon in the world under the control of someone other than the government. 

[Yes. This dungeon is special and can only be used by our nursery. The time moves differently inside the dungeon. 1 hour in the real world equal to 1 day inside the dungeon. Also, this dungeon is enhanced by the system power in which the pet training inside will go through tremendous growth] said Sery. 

[Also, there is no need for any of you to follow the pet around in the dungeon to train them. With this monitor, you will choose what training they will go through and they will automatically travel in the dungeon and train in that particular area chosen by you or your customer] said Sery. 

He explained more, [For example, a tamer wants to train the speed of the pet and you will choose the speed training and the pet will undergo training involving speed in the dungeon. As for how effective the training will be, it will depend on the pet itself but no matter how bad the pet is, they will at least have an increase in stats by 0.1 points per session] 

[Oh! I forgot to mention. One session of training is one hour in real-life equivalent to 1 day inside the dungeon] added Sery. Lucas and Katheryn were shocked. Hailey was still a bit young to understand the significance of raising a pet stat by 0.1 in one hour. 

"Are you saying the truth?" Lucas did not believe it. 

[Yes, I am. You are aware that the system is a cheat power and this is it. Anyway, you will be the luckiest because you can train your pets for free. So, you can use this room all the time. As for Katheryn and Hailey, as I said earlier, you will need to pay but you will get a 90% discount] said Sery in a happy voice. He likes it that he could help his master and family.

[Anyway, let's move on to the last room] said Sery. With an excited face, Lucas, Katheryn, and Hailey went to the next room. At Room No 4, there were a lot of cupboards with many empty big transparent tubes on them. 

"This looks like a storeroom…" said Hailey. 

[You are right, Miss Hailey. This is a storeroom to store pet food] said Sery and he continued, [I am sure everyone knows that other than nursing, caring and training, pet nursery sells pet food too. All you need to do is collect pet food in the dungeon, I mean our dungeon, and store it here. You can sell them after that] 

"We can enter the dungeon?" Lucas asked. 

[Ha? That's right! I forgot to say that yes, you can enter the dungeon. You can let them train automatically or enter the dungeon and lead them in training by yourself. Your choice]

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Simple notes

The nursery currently has 4 services

1. Nursing - heals injured pets

2. Caring - taking care of pets

3. Training - training pets

4. Pet Food - selling pet food

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