Super Pet Nursery

Petrian used to be a normal modern world when suddenly gates connecting to a dungeon that was filled with monsters appeared. After that, humans discover that they could capture the monsters and use them as pets to defeat other monsters. Since then, Petrian has become a world of pet tamer. A thousand years later, a Grade E city was ravaged by a strong monster and many people died. One of them was Lucas’s father. Not only that, Lucas was heavily injured but he miraculously woke up from a coma. When he woke up, he found out that he owned the Pet Nursery System. Lucas used the system and wanted to open the best pet nursery in the universe.

RoadBlock92 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
165 Chs

Chapter 102 - Morning Of The Training Camp

Chapter 102 – The Morning Of the Training Camp.

22nd Winter, Month 1, Year 3401

It was 0500 in the morning.

Inside the Pasken Family's Pet Playground, Lucas sat cross-legged with his eyes closed beside the usual small pond.

Lucas was sweating a lot drenching the white t-shirt he wore. The t-shirt stuck to his body, and his fine shaped muscle could be seen clearly.

Colourless energy was coming out of his body. Slowly but steadily, the energy became thicker and suddenly, the energy dispersed, forming a small wave of energy explosion.

Lucas opened his eyes and smiled. "Stage 2!" He clenched his fist tightly. He could feel that he was much stronger. Lucas wiped his sweat and checked his stats.

Name: Lucas

Age: 15

Lifespan: 220 years

Potential: C

Capture Power: Tier 1


Health: 101[+15] (Max 120)

Energy: 101[+7] (Max 120)

Soul: 101[+4] (Max 120)