1 Chapter 1.1 - Beginning 1

Chapter 1.1 – Beginning 1

Month 2nd, 34th Winter Year 3400

"Is this our new home?" A 10 years old girl who wore a dark blue beanie and a plain light blue sweater asked a woman in her forties beside her. The 10 years old girl had brown short hair with a cute face.

"Hmm," The woman in the early 40s nodded. If the small girl had a full matching color of her winter clothes, the woman in the 40s had a mixed color of winter clothes. She had a red beanie, brown sweater, and blue loose jeans. 

The woman in the 40s had silver long hair and she was beautiful. Added with her 173 cm height, she looked like a celebrity. 

"But… this looks like a shop building instead of a house," said the young girl. She looked left and right and all she saw was a busy street with many people passing by. On the side of the road were piles of snow. Everyone walked around in winter clothes and they all looked cold. 

Other than that, there were many other shops around the streets. She saw a grocery store, a bookstore, food stalls, and many more common things that could be found in a shopping street. She looked at the 'house' in front of her and it was a building similar to the other shops that she just saw. 

The woman smiled. She knew the thought of the young girl. She patted the 10 years old girl's head and said, "Hailey, we are going to open a pet nursery shop," she pointed at the 'house' in front of her. "The first floor will be our shop," she pointed her index finger on the first floor, "and the second floor will be our home," her finger moved to the second floor. 

"Hailey, we are going to use this shop to help our family get back on track," a 15 years old teenage boy said. He was a skinny teen with a height of 1.73m. He had an average face with short brown hair. He did not look that attractive but his smile was full of tranquility and kindness. 

The 10 years old girl was Hailey. She heard her brother's voice and glanced at him. "… Brother Lucas, will we be safe here? Won't the monster attack us again?" Hailey looked worried. 

When she mentioned this, her body shook. It was not due to the cold winter but due to fear. She was still traumatized by what had happened 30 days ago. 

More than half a month ago, a high stage monster broke through a dungeon and it destroyed a Grade E City with a population of 1 million people. More than 700 thousand people lost their life including Lucas's father. 

At the time of the attack, Katheryn and Hailey were at the neighboring city and they were not hurt. Even so, Lucas who was with his late father was there in the city. Lucas's father was killed and Lucas was severely injured. 

When they got the news, both Katheryn and Hailey rushed back to the city. Even so, they were too late. Lucas's father was killed and the doctor informed them that Lucas had no chance of waking up. They advised Katheryn to give up on Lucas. 

The cost of treating and maintaining a coma patient was expensive. With their family's breadwinner passed away, they could not afford the hospital bills. At the time, Katheryn refused to give up. Even so, she changed her mind immediately when Lucas showed no sign of waking up for the next few days. She did not want to give up but had to because of her and Hailey's current condition.

Be that as it may, right after she made her decision, Lucas miraculously woke up from his slumber. The doctors were shocked. They were sure that Lucas would not wake up but he did. Not only that, but he also had no other complications. All his injuries disappeared and there was no trace of them on his body. Lucas's body had turned normal similar to before the disaster.

Katheryn and Hailey were elated, happy, and grateful that Lucas woke up. They had no idea what had happened but they were happy. They were extremely happy. Hailey was the one that was the happiest. When she found out about what had happened, she turned gloomy and refused to talk. 

When Lucas woke up, she turned normal again. She had thought that she would lose two of the four people she loves the most in the world.

While Lucas, Katheryn, and Hailey were at the hospital, the Petrian Government announced that they would give compensation to all the victims. Not only that, but the government also decided to rebuild the city. Even if the city was the lowest grade city, it was still a big city. Losing one of them in a single day would not leave a good taste to the government.

Even so, none of the survivors wanted to stay there anymore. They were scared, traumatized, and wanted to forget the memory of that day. Even if the city turned brand new without any hint of it being the same city, none of them wanted to stay. The structure might be different but the land was still the same as before. 

Due to that, all the victims decided to move to another city. All of them wanted to start a new life. They did not want to stay in the city anymore and wanted to leave all the gory, trauma, and memory of the disaster at the destroyed city.

In the beginning, Katheryn wanted to use the compensation money to buy a comfortable house in a higher-grade city. Even so, Lucas stopped her and told her the truth of why he woke up. How he was healed and who healed him. He also decided to tell her what he got from waking up from the coma.

"I gained a mysterious power when I was injured. That power helps me to wake up from my coma," said Lucas. He hesitated in the beginning either to tell her or not but decided to tell her the truth. Katheryn was his mother. She was his family and it was wrong of him to hide the truth. 

After he woke up, the doctors did not let him leave as it was a rare case for him to wake up. Due to that, he needed to stay in the hospital for a few days for more check-ups. During those few days, he thought through everything and decided to tell Katheryn the truth. 

Lucas told Katheryn that the mysterious power he got was called the Pet Nursery System. He did not know the details of what the Pet Nursery System was capable of doing but from the knowledge he got when he received the system, the power was overwhelmingly powerful. 

"This power is similar to those cheat system powers in the novels I used to read before," Lucas explained how powerful the Pet Nursery System was. He had read in the novels that there was a system with the power of farming and there was also a system that could help the user to become a genius.

Katheryn stared at Lucas with the 'unbelievable' face. She thought that Lucas was joking around or he was hallucinating. She was afraid that his brain was hurt or something. Maybe he was not fully healed and the doctor missed something in his brain. 

However, Katheryn saw Lucas's eyes. From that gaze, she knew that Lucas was serious. She decided to believe in Lucas. She knew her son would not make some kind of nonsense with that face. 

After that, Lucas explained the general knowledge he had about what the Pet Nursery System could do and one of them was designating a building to turn to a Pet Nursery Shop. Due to that, Katheryn decided to buy a shop building using the compensation money and all of their savings. 

After searching online for a few days, Katheryn found an affordable building in Gyling City, a C Grade city with an average population of 500 million people. Due to the city's grade, it was much bigger and much safer than the E Grade City that was destroyed by the monster.

After that, the new family of three moved to Gyling City. Since most of their belongings were destroyed in the disaster, they did not bring many things to Gyling City. 

Back to the conversation between Hailey and Lucas. 

Lucas patted Hailey's head. He wore a thick cotton glove and Hailey felt the soft touch from the glove. "We will be fine. I told you and mom before about what I got from this disaster. Once I designated this shop building as the Pet Nursery, this building will be the safest place in this world," said Lucas while smiling. Since many people were walking around, he did not say that out loud.

"Lucas is right. No need to worry," said Katheryn. She wrapped her arm around Hailey's shoulder and said, "Your brother's system is slightly better than us and that system will help us a lot." She was not sure for real if it would work but decided to trust Lucas.

Once they finished convincing and explaining everything to Hailey, the trio got inside their new home. Immediately after that, Lucas's system activated and asked [Empty building detected. Do you want to designate this building as the Pet Nursery?] Lucas replied yes. 

Suddenly, a green scanning light came out of Lucas's body. Katheryn and Hailey were shocked. The light scanned every nook and cranny in the building. The dark building was lit up with the green light coming out of Lucas's body. A few minutes later, the system finished scanning the building and another notification appeared in front of Lucas. 

[Scanning finished. This whole building is now a part of the Pet Nursery System. The indestructible effect adds to the building. Starting from this moment, this building will be immune to any kind of attack from inside or outside of the nursery] 

[Super security is also added to the building. With the control of the Pet Nursery System, anyone that tries to cause trouble inside this building will be punished] the system notified Lucas. Since the Pet Nursery System belonged to Lucas, only Lucas could see the notification.

[There are two floors available. Which floor do you want to use as the Pet Nursery? First Floor? Second Floor? Both?] Lucas did not think it long and immediately chose the first floor. Immediately after he made his decision, a meter bar with a timer appeared. 

Katheryn saw that Lucas was dazed and silent. She decided to ask, "Lucas, what now?" After she saw the light coming out of Lucas's body, she fully believed that Lucas indeed had a different system than them.

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