19 Chapter 13 Skill Practice_2

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The driver of the car, upon realizing he had hit someone, and sent them flying such a distance, was instantly terrified out of his wits. His brain couldn't process the situation in time, and he stepped on the accelerator, making his escape just like that.

Yan Fei lay on the ground for a moment, easing the pain from the impact. He soon discovered he had sustained quite serious internal injuries, with blood already at the corner of his mouth. After the life-and-death struggle the night before, Yan Fei had mastered some techniques for dissipating force, which reduced much of the car's impact, but not all of it, which is why he was injured. However, compared to before, he didn't take this injury to heart. By tonight, the effects of the Mysterious Power would automatically heal these wounds.

Still, seeing the driver causing the accident and fleeing, Yan Fei couldn't help feeling dissatisfied. But since the driver had already fled, there was nothing he could do about it. Yan Fei gave a wry smile, stood up, wiped the blood from his mouth, and noticed the little girl in his arms looked pale with fright, her large eyes brimming with tears, looking like she was about to cry. Under Yan Fei's protection, the little girl hadn't been injured, but she was still scared by the harrowing moment.

Seeing that the little girl was about to cry, Yan Fei quickly took out a lollipop he had just bought from his pocket, waved it in front of her, and then with a move of his hand, the lollipop vanished. The little girl's attention was immediately captured; she curiously watched Yan Fei's hand, and the tears in her eyes did not fall.

Yan Fei walked to the roadside, put the little girl down, squatted, and said, "Little sister, watch your brother perform a magic trick!"

The little girl watched curiously as Yan Fei moved his hand, and a lollipop reappeared in it. She immediately clapped her hands and cheered, looking like an inquisitive baby. Yan Fei took her hand, placed the lollipop in it, and said, "Be a good girl, don't cry, here's some candy for you."

The little girl happily accepted the lollipop, holding it in her hand and examining it closely, trying to discover the secret behind its sudden disappearance and reappearance. Just then, a lady in her fifties or sixties ran over slowly. As soon as she saw the little girl on the ground, she hurriedly picked her up, complaining, "Granny only blinked, and you've already run off, haven't you?"

As the grandmother held her, the little girl turned to look back at Yan Fei. The old lady instantly became wary of Yan Fei, with a very obvious thievish look in her eyes. Yan Fei couldn't help but smile wryly, but he didn't tell the woman he had saved the girl, nor did he scold her for not taking good care of her grandchild. He just turned around to pick up the goods that had fallen to the ground.

The grandmother, holding the little girl, hurried away, then suddenly noticed the lollipop in the little girl's hand, snatched it, and said, "How many times have I told you not to accept candy from strangers? Why don't you ever listen?"

Yan Fei shook his head and sighed, but he couldn't be bothered to argue with an old lady. Then he saw the little girl smiling at him from her grandmother's shoulder and making a goodbye gesture to him. He immediately felt that saving this cute little baby was worth it.

On the third day, Yan Fei's injuries had healed, and his body felt as though he had never been injured, incredibly healthy. After this brush with death, Yan Fei realized his weaknesses: he lacked proper guidance from a master and had no combat experience.

Before, Yan Fei never truly believed that Martial Arts Masters existed in this world, so he merely trained his body and controlled his power. However, after witnessing Xiao Kong's terror, he immediately realized the vast gap between them. Compared to ordinary people, his strength was immense, like a little superman; but in front of a real expert, he was nothing more than a human punching bag, totally without the ability to fight back.

In light of this, Yan Fei began searching for a Martial Arts Gym in the City Area of Shanghai, hoping to learn Kung Fu. But to his disappointment, there were no specialized Chinese Kung Fu gyms in the city, only large fitness centers. Although these centers did offer martial arts routines, they were flashy and impractical, not real Kung Fu. After all, Taekwondo from South Korea and karate from Japan were popular at the time, and if not for a few martial arts novels on the Internet, probably no one would be willing to learn Chinese Kung Fu.

Unable to find a real Kung Fu school, Yan Fei had no choice but to settle for a fitness center called Beyond Fitness. This center wasn't just for working out but also had coaches who taught fighting techniques.

When the receptionist at Beyond Fitness learned that Yan Fei had chosen to learn Kung Fu, she was somewhat surprised. After all, it was the era of Taekwondo and karate, and only a few ignorant youngsters inspired by martial arts novels were interested in learning Kung Fu.

After paying and completing the registration at Beyond Fitness, Yan Fei noticed that in the huge center, there was only one Kung Fu instructor with a small floor space tucked in a corner, with just five or six sparse students. In contrast, the neighboring Taekwondo and karate boasted seven or eight coaches with hundreds of students. These students, in uniform clothing and with booming voices, had an impressive aura when practicing. On the other hand, the few studying Kung Fu, dressed in assorted workout clothes they had brought themselves, looked lackluster and timid, clearly outclassed in spirit by those around them.

Yan Fei then understood why the receptionist had been so surprised when he said he wanted to learn Kung Fu; to learn Kung Fu these days was to be a deviant! But having witnessed Xiao Kong's prowess, Yan Fei knew that real Kung Fu was not just for show, so he still chose to learn it.

The Kung Fu coach was a middle-aged man named Wang Yong. He only taught basic Kung Fu routines. Yan Fei understood that he couldn't learn real Kung Fu at such a fitness center, but he could use these routines to understand the techniques of power generation in Kung Fu. With these techniques and his robust physical strength, he could still unleash mighty destructive power.

So Yan Fei began learning Kung Fu routines at Beyond Fitness, and Coach Wang Yong occasionally provided tips on power generation. In just a few days of practice, coupled with his life-and-death struggle the night before, Yan Fei had made significant progress and had taken his first steps into the world of Kung Fu. If he encountered Xiao Kong again, he certainly wouldn't find it as challenging.

During his training, Yan Fei always controlled his own strength, appearing to progress at a similar pace to the others and not standing out among his fellow students, thus not drawing any attention from Coach Wang Yong or his classmates.

In the meantime, Yan Fei asked Wang Yong about the levels of Kung Fu mastery, but each time Wang Yong evaded the question with vague answers, leaving Yan Fei unsure whether he really did not know or simply did not wish to say.


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