694 Z-Steel Raw Stone

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Han Sen was given many different options of gifts to consider off the Qin family. Eventually, he settled on Z-Steel raw stones.

The Z-Steel ore always had a lot of contaminants inside it. A thousand grams of Z-Steel ore could be refined to provide only five grams of pure Z-Steel metal.

The Z-Steel that was refined was really hard, but very brittle. Its fragility and stern rigidity rendered it almost unusable as a weapon or electrical component.

Refined Z-Steel was more akin to delicate porcelain than metal. It had to be combined with other metals to provide a decent weapon of fair toughness and hardness.

But inside the Z-Steel ore, there was a high concentration of rough Z-Steel. It was unknown how these Z-Steel raw stones were created, but they were a little bigger than a man's thumb. Inside them was 50% Z-Steel. Some were even higher, though, and could reach 90%.


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