Super Gene

In the magnificent interstellar era, mankind has finally developed teleport technology, but when trying to teleport, they are not sent to the future, the past, or any land known to men... This mysterious space is called God’s Sanctuary, where lived numerous unknown creatures. Here, humans will make the greatest leap in their evolution to create the most glorious epoch in history. "Sacred-blood creature black beetle killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood black beetle gained. Eat the meat of sacred-blood black beetle to gain 0 to 10 geno points randomly."

Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
3462 Chs

Whose Broadsword

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A crowd of spectators started to gather. They were used to seeing Han Sen getting bullied.

"How do you want me to compensate you?" said Han Sen calmly, watching Liu Feng approaching him.

"Let me kick your ass," Liu Feng said, throwing a punch at Han Sen’s face.

Liu Feng’s punch was fierce and fast. If Han Sen was hit, his nose would be smashed.

When everyone was thinking that he would suffer, Han Sen leaned his body and dodged the punch. Meanwhile, he tripped Liu Feng with his leg and made him fall on his face.

Liu Feng fell so hard that his nose was bleeding and his eyes were watering. Burning with anger, he drew his alpha alloy broadsword from the sheath and slashed it toward Han Sen. "Little scum! How dare you resist? I’ll kill you."

Han Hao had mixed feelings watching this. Although he despised Han Sen, Han Sen was still his cousin, and Han Hao felt terrible watching him being bullied and perhaps getting killed.

But if he helped Han Sen and people knew him to be the cousin of Ass Freak, how could he stay at Steel Armor Shelter?

Having hesitated for a while, Han Hao turned his face to the side, deliberately avoid seeing Han Sen. Han Hao thought that he would immediately hear Han Sen’s screams, but the screams he heard were not from Han Sen, but from Liu Feng.

Han Hao quickly turned to see what had happened and couldn’t believe his own eyes. Liu Feng’s alpha alloy broadsword was now in Han Sen’s hand and Liu Feng himself was pinned to the ground with his arm twisted behind himself, screaming while too scared to struggle.

Han Hao did not see how it happened, but others all saw clearly. They were so surprised that they stood there with their mouths wide open.

When Liu Feng slashed his broadsword at Han Sen, everyone thought Ass Freak was doomed. But as soon as Liu Feng wielded the alpha alloy broadsword, Han Sen grabbed his hand and twisted, bringing Liu Feng to his knees. Han Sen then knocked his back with a knee and held him down to the floor.

No one could believe that Ass Freak would have such fine movements and were all in a daze. There was no sound except for Liu Feng’s screams.

"What are you doing? Kill this bastard... Ouch!" Liu Feng shouted to the onlookers while screaming.


His arm was broken by Han Sen before he could even finish the sentence. Covered in cold sweat, Liu Feng was deathly pale.

Liu Feng’s friends saw this and rushed to Han Sen, raising their weapons. Hen Sen was still holding Liu Feng’s alpha alloy broadsword in his hand, and used it to block the first alloy weapon swung at him. To his surprise, the weapon was cut in half by Liu Feng’s broadsword instantaneously.

"This dumbass had a really nice alpha alloy broadsword. It’s at least worth one or two million," Han Sen thought and decided not to give it back.

In a short while, all the other weapons were cut off by Han Sen, and their owners were scared off. No one dared to attack Han Sen anymore.

Han Hao was stunned, almost thinking he was in a dream. Liu Feng had a strength rating of 6.7 and a nice weapon, so he enjoyed quite a lot of attention in Steel Armor Shelter.

Although Han Hao had a mutant beast soul weapon, he knew he could not match Liu Feng. All of a sudden, Liu Feng became the one lying on the floor without his weapon, while Han Sen became the winner. The change was so drastic that Han Hao couldn’t process it.

"Hadn’t he been isolated by both Qin Xuan and Son of Heaven since he entered the shelter? Didn’t he fail to hunt even a primitive creature? Didn’t he..." Han Hao looked at Han Sen blankly, with a variety of complex emotions entangled in his mind.

Han Sen did not continue the fight with the rest, but went back to take Liu Feng’s sheath away, hung the sheath on his own belt, and returned his new broadsword to his new sheath.

"The next time you want compensation, just come to me," said Han Sen as he strode toward the gate of Steel Armor Shelter. The onlookers all looked at him as if it was the first time they saw him.

"Stop!" Someone approached riding a beast soul mount when Han Sen was about to enter the gate. It was Luo Tianyang, Son of Heaven’s henchman.

"Luo, Ass Freak broke my arm and seized my broadsword. You have to avenge me," shouted Liu Feng in delight at the sight of Luo Tianyang.

"Douchebag." Luo Tianyang first glanced at Liu Feng and then at Han Sen. "I was wondering who was so daring to hurt my guy. So, it was you, scum."

Luo Tianyang took out his alloy whip, and whacked it at Han Sen.

Han Sen paused and wielded his broadsword at the whip. When the two weapons collided, Han Sen and Luo Tianyang both shuddered.

Luo Tianyang suddenly shouted, "How come you have such strength?"

Luo Tianyang's own strength rating had reached 9.6. Although with this whack he did not use all his strength, Han Sen must have had at least an 8.0 rating to be able to block his whip, which he could not believe.