568 Who Is This Person?

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The battle was about to start. Han Sen gave his beast souls to the Snow Charmer to increase her power.

The list of beast souls he gave her included the sacred-blood, Blood-Scale armor Han Sen received in exchange for the sword from earlier, a Gargoyle glyph, a Golden Growler to ride, a Golden Rock Worm King, Berserk pet armor, Nightmare Wings, a Snow-Lady shapeshifting beast soul, and a Desert Bird. The Snow Charmer would be able to take advantage of all those beast souls, and so Han Sen made sure to transfer them to her for her usage.

But the Snow Charmer used a lance, and Han Sen did not have a sacred-blood lance. This meant she would have to rely on her default weapon. However, her opponent would be another royal spirit, and so her Ice-Blood Lance was sure to deal decent damage.


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