308 Who Is He

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"Diversion! Impossible…" Huang Yulei's pupils contracted as he saw Xu Zhu's arm broken at a flick of Han Sen's wrist.

Xu Zhu was shocked as well. He did not expect his opponent could really use Diversion well.

Xu Zhu still did not believe Han Sen could have learned everything in such a short amount of time. Putting his arm back in place, Xu Zhu once again tried to grab Han Sen. This time, however, his target was not Han Sen's arm, but leg.

The reason why it was hard to practice Diversion was that one must be able to perform Diversion in each body part.

Indeed, Han Sen was not able to perform Diversion with his other body parts. However, to Xu Zhu's shock, as Han Sen became familiarized with the technique, he learned to do it with more and more body parts. Huang Yulei was rendered speechless. "A Soldier on Warship" did learn Diversion from Xu Zhu in this combat.


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