461 The Spirit Showing Fealty

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Zheng Guoxiong watched Han Sen going in the middle of the mutant creatures with a complicated expression. Twenty years ago, he was as brave as Han Sen.

At that day and age when it was still difficult to hunt a sacred-blood creature, he used his diligence, talent, and special privileges coming from his family to max out his sacred geno points and evolved as a sacred-blood evolver in First God's Sanctuary.

However, after he entered Second God's Sanctuary, when he was about to realize all his dreams, he found out what a terrible place he ended up at.

There was no strong teammates or available beast souls. He needed to risk his life even when trying to kill a primitive creature. At the same time, he must avoid the spirit shelter and large groups of creatures at all times.


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