684 The Scary Angel

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Although Lu Hui was only leader of the Blueblood Force's Reserve Team, it was still a lofty position, representative of his abilities.

Huang Yunlong had done his best to hide his people's presence, but when they entered Lu Hui's territory, they did not go unnoticed.

Lu Hui was intelligent enough to determine what they had come for. It had to be something as valuable as Han Sen's Life Geno essence, for Huang Yunlong to risk everything.

Lu Hui knew Han Sen was currently in his territory, but he wasn't in a rush to meet and greet with him. He knew that for people like Han Sen, such gestures meant very little—actions spoke louder than words.

But for the time Han Sen was there, Lu Hui was unable to find the opportunity to do something meaningful on his behalf. That was, until Huang Yunlong's arrival. Lu Hui enlisted a few of his top men and went near where Han Sen was spending the morning. He did not rush there to meet Han Sen or say anything; he just waited.


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