631 The Raven's Treasure

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"Are you okay?" Queen looked at the wound on Han Sen's back in fright.

From shoulder to waist, his back had been sliced entirely open. The gash was so deep, his spine was visible.

On Han Sen's neck, there was another wound that oozed blood. Fortunately for him, it wasn't so deep as to touch the bone or windpipe. If the raven had been allowed to go any deeper, he'd most likely have been decapitated.

The wounds were scary to look at, but the blood loss wasn't too severe. Han Sen's Jadeskin allowed him to control his body, whereas his Heresy Mantra allowed him to control his blood flow. If it weren't for those talents, he'd most likely have bled out and died.

"I can hold it," Han Sen hissed from his gritted teeth. His back was in agony, and he knew he had a damaged spine. But fortunately, it wasn't too bad. If he had been a second slower with his jump, his spine would have been shredded and nothing could have saved his life.


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