795 The Monster That Inhabits Emerald Lake

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After the match was over, Han Sen exited the virtual community. He thought battling other humans was fairly lame, and all-around boring; he viewed competition against the AI to be much more exciting. Until he could challenge a surpasser, it was a waste of his time.

The fact that the match was considered boring was something that rocked the entire Hand of God community.

A legendary, professional player God's Third Hand was bullied into defeat with a final score of one hundred to nil. It was a shocker.

A video of the match circulated virally, as everyone who saw it shared and passed it on. No matter who ended up watching it, they were amazed.

But no one suspected Win A Girlfriend was cheating, and rightfully so. Cheats only allowed someone to speed up, and Han Sen's hands were actually slower than his opponent's.

Many Hand of God professionals analyzed the match, since the details of the match promised to bring the game into a new era.


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