794 The Hand That Orchestrates Fate

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God's Third Hand was a very famous player in the Hand of God community circles.

Over the past five years, God's Third Hand had managed to beat out every other professional evolver Hand of God player, coming first place in four of the annual Hand of God championships in the process. His talent for the game resulted in others referring to him as "God's favorite child."

In addition to his constant practice of the game, his legendary status was achieved in a variety of different ways. And aside from being naturally talented, he had a special hyper geno art that aided his play.

Everyone knew his name in the Hand of God circles, but even he had yet to beat super mode. His speed and reactions could not match that of the AI, and it had been believed that evolvers were unable to beat the master-level AI.

But now, all of a sudden, an unknown evolver had managed to beat super mode. It was difficult for people to believe, and he did not believe it, either.


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