106 Someone Good

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Articles about Dollar could be seen everywhere on the Skynet. But it was too late to write about him as Contest Center was the only program everyone talked about. The peer shows were much less popular.

A lot of businesses were looking for Dollar and wished to hire him to endorse their products. Some people wanted to dig out his true identity and there were all kinds of speculations, but no one was certain anyway.

Han Sen was now browsing the S-Class section in Saint Hall, dazzled by all the S-Class hyper geno arts on footwork.

From the description alone it was difficult to see whether the footwork would suit him, but Han Sen had no better choice than these S-Class hyper geno arts.

After reviewing all the descriptions, Han Sen locked down on a footwork named Sparticle.

Having purchased Sparticle, Han Sen watched the tutorial and started to learn.

Soon he found that Sparticle is somewhat different from the footwork he had in mind.


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