550 Solo Assassin

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Yang Manli was unnerved. The forces of the Blackgod Shelter were mighty, with seven elites with over 100 sacred geno points. Not to mention their reserves of an additional 200 troops that were branded as powerful evolvers, as well. The combined forces that had set out to attack them were much too strong for the Goddess Shelter to repel.

If Han Sen was going to concede, Yang Manli didn't know what to do; she'd be uncomfortable, and most likely upset, too.

Uncle Qing had a puzzled expression, as he watched Han Sen venture towards the enemy, all alone. He looked to be deep in thought.

Zhu Ting took a step backward. If things went badly, he was ready to run.

Zhu Ting thought to himself, "Han Sen, this isn't about me being disloyal. It's just that the enemy is too strong, and if I do run, it's so I can live to fight another day. It would be to reclaim this place in the future."


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