2943 One Life Is Too Short

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When Han Sen downed his second cup, Qin Xiu gave Han Sen another refill. He raised his cup and said, "I will cheer you with another cup."

Han Sen did not say anything. He just drank the third cup he had been given. He understood people like Qin Xiu. If he was willing to talk, he would tell him. There was no point in asking anything.

"Deified gene +1."

Han Sen's brain had the geno increase announcement playing, but he did not care about it. In the next cycle, those points would be out of his system.

Qin Xiu drank all the wine. He put down his wine cup and said, "It is a shame that this body is just a spirit. I cannot drink a lot with you. I do not have much time. After I am gone, the holy garden's time and space loop will end. You can use this statue to go to the back door. Then, you can reach the holy palace."


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