60 Golden-horned Shura

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Han Sen made some brief explanation to Zhang Danfeng after he parted with Lin Beifeng.

Han Sen understated everything and didn’t say much about Han Hao, as he knew Zhang Danfeng wouldn’t let Han Hao off easily had he told Zhang Danfeng what had really happened.

Zhang Danfeng thought they were always good brothers and friends because they grew up together and certainly would not accept what Han Hao had done.

Walking on the way to the maglev train station, Han Sen was wondering what he should take with him to Dark Swamp.

There were almost no human activities there, so he would definitely return with lots of prey. Even if it weren’t for the beast soul arrow, Han Sen would still want to go there—he now had sacred-blood beast soul wings and the swamp that might be dangerous to others was easy for him.

Han Sen suddenly heard a glitch sound and all the lights started flashing. Surprised, he looked up and saw a meteor-like fireball quickly falling from the sky toward his direction.


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