324 Fighting the Queen

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Han Sen hoped he would see Queen from the Ares Martial Hall again. Although Han Sen knew he was not nearly as good as she was, he still looked forward to their fight.

After all, they were both fighting in the virtual community and he would not be injured while appreciating her incredible skills.

Han Sen had seen many impressive evolvers on Gladiator, and some of them could beat him with just two or three strikes. However, no matter how strong they were, they did not leave him shaken like Queen did.

During the countdown, Han Sen stared into the opposite direction.

"It's her!" Seeing the tall figure, Han Sen was excited. Although she was dressed differently than he remembered and used the face blur function of the platform, Han Sen immediately recognized her at first glance.

There were some people in the world that were recognizable by their special air, instead of the face or a certain body part.


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