440 Fighting A Sacred-Blood Creature

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Han Sen almost jumped on the back of golden rock worm king without thinking, rising in the air on the back of his pet.

Looking down, he saw a giant snow spider coming out of the ice cliff. It was so big in size that it could probably swallow a man with one bite.

Han Sen did not know whether the huge spider was a mutant creature or a sacred-blood creature. He would not be afraid of a mutant creature, but a sacred-blood creature might pose a challenge.

When Han Sen was observing the giant snow spider, it suddenly opened its mouth. A white rope as thick as a baby’s arm flew at Han Sen and the golden rock worm king.

"Dammit! Run." Han Sen wanted to order the golden rock worm king to fly higher, but it was too late already. The white robe had already caught one of the golden rock worm king’s claws. The golden rock worm king quickly tried to cut the rope with its other claws. However, its sharp claws turned out to be glued together by the white rope.


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