410 Evil Goblins

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Although this mountain was also covered with snow on the top, but it was much higher and steeper than the one Han Sen remembered.

Where the Firebird was seemed to be a volcano, while this one was much rockier.

"Is it a mistake?" Han Sen felt upset because he wasted all they and ended up in a wrong place.

"We can't go any farther. It is the habitat of the evil goblins in front of us." Jia Changfeng was leading the way stopped and asked everyone to pause. Han Sen got off the back of the golden growler, climbed up a dune with the rest and looked toward the mountain.

The mountain was arid. No plants were growing on it. Even in the desert, it was still an uncommon scene.

Different from the white sand in the desert, the rocks on the mountain were black. Only the top of the mountain was covered in white snow.

On the black mountain walls, there were many thickly dotted holes, which would make a person with trypophobia vomit.


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