884 Black Crystal Mutation

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The black crystal in the Sea of Soul was like a blackhole, absorbing the lifeforce around it.

Han Sen was shocked. Ever since he found the black crystal, there hadn't been anything amiss with it. But now, the black crystal was absorbing lifeforces, and it was quite terrifying to see.

The speed at which the black crystal was absorbing the lifeforces was alarming, and if its hunger was turned to Han Sen later, he'd be a skeletal husk in under a minute. Any other evolver would perish instantly.

Han Sen was rather concerned. If the crystal had hungered for him when he ate it previously, he'd have died a very long time ago.

The black crystal kept absorbing lifeforce, but Han Sen realized he did not know where the lifeforce was coming from. The black crystal spent quite some time absorbing it.

Han Sen was afraid the black crystal would absorb his lifeforce, but there was nothing he could do. He could not remove it from his body.


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