633 Absorbing Perfume

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"Old Chen, I am surprised you have found the time to come visit me." Han Sen opened the door to the sight of Chen Ran standing outside it, alone.

"Zhu Ting said you are a good friend of his. I heard from him that you were here, and so I have come to see you. Why didn't you say so before? If you had, perhaps our acquaintance and travel together would have been far more cordial." Chen Ran smiled.

Han Sen thought to himself in his heart, "It would be a great misfortune to be considered your family."

Han Sen's relationship with the Chen family was fine. It wasn't particularly amicable, but there had been no strife between them, either. Had Chen Ran known about his connection with Zhu Ting, it wouldn't have made a difference. Chen Ran's actions that day were not spurred by anything other than his selfish desire to live, putting himself before anyone else.


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