416 A Fortune

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Han Sen glanced at the girl in his arms who was still unconscious. Her clothes were a bit ragged, while she did not get injured at all, and only had some red marks.

Han Sen frowned and checked on the white rhinoceros under the siege of both the holy angel and golden rock worm king. It seemed there was no need for Han Sen to do anything.

Holding the girl under one arm and the life essence of the evil goblin in the other, Han Sen dashed to the tent which was already damaged by fallen stones. He found a quilt in the tent, took it out, and placed the girl on it. He then ran toward the life essence covered under the piece of cloth.

As the piece of cloth was lifted, Han Sen was bedazzled by the splendid view. Three crystals were placed together. One was yellow and the other two were blue. The yellow one was the biggest piece, about the size of a boulder. One of the blue ones was the size of a drum, and the other the size of a basketball.


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