Plan Brought Forward

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416.91 million star coins!

If it were exchanged, it would be 4.1 trillion federal dollars!

This was already more than one-tenth of the federal government's annual revenue!

Since ancient times, no one had been able to earn money as fast as Xia Fei.

In just four short months, Xia Fei had risen from a nobody bicycle courier to one of the wealthiest people in the federation. It couldn't be described without shocking the listener.

This wasn't earning money; this was money heist!

Phantom nodded. "Mm, not bad. We can go to the medicinal ingredients market to purchase some mid-grade medicinal ingredients."

Xia Fei rolled his eyes at Phantom. According to the pace that Phantom was burning through money, it didn't matter how many zeros were at the back of his account balance as it still wouldn't be enough.

Poems weren't very popular, and the upsurging craze for poems that was brought on by Enya was already over. The sales of poems had gradually returned to normal.

Right now, the sales were stabilizing at around 20 million star coins for each month, and it didn't seem like another explosive growth would happen anytime soon.

Phantom rubbed his palms and said, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go to the medicinal ingredients market. Just head straight to the shop where we purchased the Fire Dragon Millennial Flames. That shop had some good stuff. Now that you are at the Star Base rank, those cheap medicinal ingredients will have very limited effects for you. If you wish to use medicinal ingredients, you will need to use at least mid-grade ingredients."

"There isn't any need to be in such a hurry, right? Wouldn't cell acceleration medicine need six months before it is completely absorbed? The money can accumulate interest in the bank." Xia Fei retorted.

Phantom hung his head with disappointment, "It should be fine to at least take a look, right? What if they have some new goods that are in great demand? You should seize the moment and purchase it; otherwise, you would need to wait for some time before buying it again."

Xia Fei was helpless. "You aren't just passionate about poems, you are also a concoction maniac. I really don't understand what made your master think that it was a good idea to nurture you as an assassin."

The human's left brain was responsible for rationality, while the right brain was responsible for emotionality. Phantom's right brain was obviously much more developed than his left brain. People with great emotions could become artists, but it was hard for them to become assassins.

Xia Fei had unintentionally and casually said something, and it had actually evoked a grave sorrow in Phantom.

Phantom's eyes turned red as he sobbed. It was fortunate that his tears didn't drip down as he said, "I have indeed disappointed my master. I failed to live up to his expectations."

Xia Fei was speechless as he thought, 'He is the universe's most wanted criminal, the history's most incredible and unluckiest assassin. Heavens, if I hadn't seen him in person, I wouldn't have believed that the legendary Phantom is actually this person.'

"Forget it, since you are no longer an assassin, you should strive to improve yourself constantly. In the future, if your master sees that you might be very miserable in the assassin industry but have certain achievements in other aspects, he will surely forgive you." Xia Fei attempted to console him.

"Yes! I will not disappoint my master." Phantom's face was filled with grief and indignation. "I will work hard to learn poetry, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism..."


What was going on? Wasn't Phantom just obsessed with Buddhism? When did Taoism and Confucianism become part of his obsession?

The pink mail was still constantly flashing at the top left-hand corner, making Xia Fei feel very frustrated. Without a choice, Xia Fei could only open up Avril's mail and take a look.

"Why did you stab yourself? Could it be that you're possibly a legendary masochist?"

"It has been a few days, why didn't you reply? Be careful, or I will call my elder brother to capture you."

"Can you just reply to my mail? At most, I will stop making things difficult for you, okay?"

"Hmph! You actually dare to ignore me. I have already told my elder brother about you. My elder brother said he would go and capture you in two days. You just have to wait to be fed to the lions."

"I finally found someone who can chat with me, you cannot ignore me..."

There were dozens of long-winded emails, and Xia Fei didn't even know what to say.

"Your mails are really strange. I cannot delete or block them. We aren't really friends, didn't we just talk over two mails? Why do you make it look as if we are in a relationship."

After sending the mail, the pink mail on the top left-hand corner had finally stopped flashing. After that, Xia Fei headed towards the shop called Masterpiece Line together with Phantom.

As soon as they entered, a smiling fat person suddenly appeared. He had two long and slender mustaches with a pair of narrow eyes.

"Mister Xia Fei, welcome again. I am the shop manager, Xu Maorong." The narrow-eyed fat person smiled as he said.

"Hello. Why didn't I see you the last time when I visited?" Xia Fei asked.

When Xia Fei bought the Fire Dragon Millennial Flames previously, not only did he not see the shop manager, there wasn't even a virtual attendant. The payment was processed automatically, as such, Xia Fei didn't really like the shop's way of treating its customers.

"Keke, when you visited the shop last time, I just happened to be out. Therefore, I'm here to apologize for my negligence." Xu Maorong greeted Xia Fei respectfully.

"Oh." Xia Fei nodded. "Then you should hire a few virtual attendants as it is very convenient to serve customers using computer-generated virtual characters."

"You might not know, but none of our Masterpiece Line's shops uses computer generator attendants. No matter how capable the virtual attendants are, it is still a machine, and using a machine to serve a customer is disrespectful. Our Masterpiece Line has no intention to employ such things."

"This is the Masterpiece Line's 1-star member card, please accept it. According to our rules, you will only be promoted to 1-star member when you reach a total purchase of 100 million star coins. However, we are giving it to you now as compensation for our negligence in manner."

"From now on, you will receive a 2% discount in all of the shops associated with Masterpiece Group. Furthermore, all transportation fees will be handled by our group. You can even present this card to participate in our Masterpiece Line's auction."

Xia Fei took a tour around the shop and realized that the products were still the same as before and the new products were things that Phantom didn't fancy.

"It seems like there aren't any new products in the shop." Xia Fei asked.

"This shop only sells the highest grade of medicinal ingredients, and each product has an extremely limited quantity. As such, be it the sale or import of products, it takes a long time to restock. Soon there will be an auction at the Masterpiece Auction House, and there will be some top-grade medicinal ingredients on sale. You can take a look there when it happens."

After conversing with Xu Maorong, Xia Fei found out that the Masterpiece Line was a very unconventional company in the Endaro Star Region. They only sold the best grade of products; they didn't seek sales and only sought the best.

Their auctions were very famous throughout the entire Endaro Star Region, and rare items could frequently be seen in the auctions.

After returning from the interplanetary internet, Xia Fei stretched his body before immersing in harsh cultivation again.

All of a sudden, a Bell Textron helicopter appeared in the sky. As the propellers were rapidly rotating, the entire valley was echoing with rumbling sounds.

The helicopter parked a few hundred meters from the tent, and the large winds nearly turned over Xia Fei's tent.

"Who is it?" Xia Fei frowned and looked over, only to see the bald Wu Long leaping off the helicopter and running over with large strides.

Xia Fei smiled. "Brother Wu, why are you here? Could it be that you missed me?"

Wu Long laughed heartily. "Why would I miss you? You aren't a woman."

The duo sat down on a large piece of rock by the side of the river. Xia Fei took out a box of Hongtashan and handed one stick to Wu Long.

Wu Long shook his hand. "You better smoke this thing yourself, I am not used to it. Anyway, there is good news and bad news, which do you wish to hear first?" Wu Long said mysteriously.

"Tell me the good news first."

"The good news is this year's hurricane season came earlier and left early as well. The weather report says that the Atlantic Ocean will be peaceful for the entire September. The exploration plan of Atlantis shall be brought forward." Wu Long said excitedly.

Xia Fei clapped his hands. "It is indeed good. I am more than willing to see this legendary city which is filled with mysteries. What is the bad news?"

"We are being targeted."The back of the mind seems to be deeply imprinted.