18 Killer Instinct

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"If you wish to become a true expert, you need to experience hardship and challenges. Training wouldn't be enough to solve all the problems. A true warrior needs to constantly grow in actual combat. With your current capability, there might be a certain risk to deal with the two of them alone, but you need to know that danger can help a person grow rapidly."

"You will have to rise into the vast ocean of stars alone one day. If you are to encounter danger, who are you going to ask for help? To the Gods that you people believe in?" Phantom leaned back on the seat and spoke in a tone that was intentional or otherwise.

After adjusting the navigation system, the map located a rarely used road and noticed that there were large patches of pine trees on both sides of that road.

Xia Fei drove the off-road car and turned towards this road. As expected, that black compact car followed from a fixed distance.

After driving for around ten kilometers, Xia Fei parked the car by the side and walked towards the forest while pretending as though he wanted to urinate.

After entering the forest, Xia Fei stomped twice on the ground vigorously and dashed forward by around 70 or 80 meters before hiding behind a large tree.

He regulated his breaths and spared no effort to blend with the environment while his eyes were staring at the situation on the road.

A few seconds later, Xia Fei was already a part of the large tree. When a squirrel climbed above Xia Fei's head, it didn't even notice Xia Fei's presence.

The black compact car stopped a few dozen meters away. Madman gently poked Wild Rose's slender thighs. "It seems like he has already detected us. Stay here, I will check."

Wild Rose suddenly opened her eyes and nodded slowly. "Hurry up. I don't wish to waste too much time on this young fellow."

"He is merely a bicycle courier. I truly don't understand how the seventh brother died in his hands." Wild Rose spoke with disdain.

The duo got out of the car at the same time. Madman headed towards the forest while Wild Rose hummed a popular song and walked leisurely towards Xia Fei's car. Her eyes pretended that she didn't care, but she was actually very alert and was observing the surroundings.

In the lush forest, the ground was filled with weeds and fallen leaves. Madman intentionally took large strides to scare off the birds in the vicinity and hoped that it would make Xia Fei restless, which would allow him to find Xia Fei's hiding spot.

A black spider crawled over Xia Fei's neck and into his shirt, but Xia Fei still remained motionless like a piece of lifeless rock.

"We don't wish to hurt you, we just wish to ask you about something." Madman intentionally spoke louder.

He was standing less than 30 meters away from Xia Fei's hiding spot. If someone were hiding in this area, it should be easy to spot that person, but Madman wasn't able to sense anyone.

'He must be watching me from the vicinity.' Madman thought to himself.


A reindeer leaped out from the forest. Madman's wrist shook a little and revealed a short blade hidden in his sleeve and rushed over with extreme speed.

After running for over a dozen steps, Madman finally noticed that it was a reindeer and stopped moving.

The reindeer was frightened and used its fastest speed to escape.

"Did you see it clearly? This person's speed is around 60 m/s, so he isn't as fast as you. But his experience in combat is far superior to you..."

Before Phantom could finish talking, Xia Fei suddenly rushed over!

'This is the moment!'

Madman had a habitual movement. He would frequently use his hand to adjust the glasses that were above his nose. Xia Fei observed and confirmed it before charging out of the forest like a thunderbolt!

Xia Fei's right hand was flashing with a golden radiance, and it was none other than the Golden Stinger!

As though a divine soldier's descent, Xia Fei was rapidly approaching at a speed of 85 m/s!

The distance between the two of them was less than 30 meters. With Xia Fei's speed, he only required 0.35 seconds!

His speed was so fast that an ordinary person would never be able to react in time!

Madman was indeed worthy of being an expert with the speed ability. His right hand, which was originally in an idle state, suddenly pulled out another short blade.

Dual Blade Style!


The short blade grazed Xia Fei's back while Xia Fei's Golden Stinger sliced at Madman's throat with precision!

The fresh blood was spouted out like a fountain and was also emitting traces of white steam.

After blinking twice, Madman's corpse suddenly fell over while his mind flashed with the final thoughts. 'Such a fast speed!'

With his cultivation, he wasn't supposed to die so pathetically. His mistake was insufficient knowledge of Xia Fei's capability.

Madman didn't know that Xia Fei had learned 'Breath Control' and could blend his body into the surrounding environment.

Madman couldn't have known that Xia Fei's cultivation was already at the Advanced Star Light rank, and Xia Fei's speed was even faster than his.

"Eh..." Phantom watched as Xia Fei charged out to kill Madman. "Should I say that he is reckless, or should I say that he has superhuman sensitivity towards fleeting opportunities?"

Phantom shook his head helplessly, "His fully unlocked seventh brain region is overpowered."

After making a sudden nimble turn, with his legs still in the state of complete burst, Xia Fei faced Wild Rose, who was standing at the side of the road and charged over! He didn't have any trace of negligence just because she was a woman.

There wasn't a difference between man or woman when facing an enemy!

All enemies had to die!

Thoughts like this were never in Xia Fei's mind during regular times.

However, when he was using his full strength in combat, the bloodthirsty and berserk thoughts would unconsciously flash in his mind. Furthermore, he was resolved to follow through with the execution!

This was the innate instincts of a warrior!

Only people with the innate thirst for combat would be able to burst out with the most fatal attack!

A warrior would never be afraid of blood or massacre. On the contrary, he would enjoy all of these!

Xia Fei's speed was truly outrageous. Wild Rose didn't see how Madman fell, but she could clearly feel that someone was rapidly approaching her!


A fatal danger was present!

"Who is that?" Wild Rose suddenly asked with a flirtatious grace.

An invisible spiritual energy was swiftly spread out in all directions.

Xia Fei suddenly stopped less than 20 meters away from Wild Rose when he heard this voice. His eyes were spiritless as though he was in a daze!

'Bewitching Voice'!

A deadly voice! This woman was a Special Ability User!

Strength and speed types were the most commonly seen among Ability Users. Apart from the two major types, the rest of the combat abilities were known as special abilities.

Only less than 5% of the Ability Users would obtain the rare special ability, and Wild Rose was one of them!

She was able to emit a strange, high-frequency sound wave that would directly affect the brain, but it was basically silent to the ears.

Xia Fei would definitely perish if he were controlled by this spiritual attack!

"AH!" Xia Fei's facial veins burst out as he howled out with all his might!

He used all of his power to resist the spiritual attack from Wild Rose!

His entire body was shaking frenziedly!

Every cell in his body was desperately trying to operate! To resist!

Wild Rose was already in a state of panic!

She had never seen such a horrifying scene. No one was able to escape from her spiritual control, which she was very confident about.

However, the scene of Xia Fei risking his life to contest with her spiritual energy made her panic! It was driving her mad!

'Complete release of brain waves!'

Wild Rose concentrated all of her spiritual energy to control Xia Fei. She could clearly feel that if she couldn't control this insane youth, she would be facing death!

The situation was in a deadlock. Two streams of dark red blood were bleeding out from Wild Rose's nostrils, but she didn't even bother to wipe them.

"AH!!!" Xia Fei yelled out again and with an extremely malevolent expression!


The Golden Stinger stabbed deep into Xia Fei's thighs!

The stinging sensation rapidly transferred to every single nerve!

He actually hurt himself to get rid of the opposition's spiritual control!

This was truly the most insane behavior!


There was lightning - golden and fatal lightning. Wild Rose's white and fair neck was left with a smear of gorgeous and fresh redness.

There wasn't any sound as Wild Rose's body went soft and collapsed on the ground.

Xia Fei's eyes were bloodshot. He didn't say a thing and quietly took the first-aid kit from the car. He used anti-inflammatory medicine to clean the wound on his thigh before using gauze to wrap it up.

His composure was truly fearsome, and it felt as though he was not new at killing people and was already used to the smell of death.

Phantom stood beside Xia Fei while his eyes were filled with admiration.

After closing the first-aid kit, Xia Fei threw the two corpses into the forest before pushing the black compact car to the brook by the side of the road. He then patted the dust off his clothes and softly said, "Let's go. There is still a day's worth of journey left before reaching the Grand Canyon."

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