10 Ancient Civilization

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"Do you know of prehistoric relics?" Andre leaned over to Xia Fei's ear and whispered with a shaky voice.

"Are you talking about the Maya civilization?"

Andre shook his head. "The Maya civilization might be dated back to 2,000 BC, but they only started flourishing after 600 AD. I am talking about a prehistoric civilization that was even older than the Maya civilization. Furthermore, their degree of flourishing was far beyond the Maya civilization in comparison."

"Even older than the Maya civilization. Could it be the legendary...?"

Andre quickly reached his hand out to stop Xia Fei from speaking. He then nodded solemnly, "This place is filled with eyes and ears. Let's discuss this matter later."

Xia Fei closed himself in the lavatory and took out the Moore Stone necklace before whispering softly, "Phantom, are you still alive?"

Phantom peeked out from the necklace and asked in a somewhat displeased tone. "What is it? I am currently studying the poem that you gave me."

Xia Fei was furious. "I nearly died earlier, and you are actually still so relaxed to read the poem?"

Phantom sighed and explained, "If you cannot even handle such a small matter, then you aren't qualified to be an assassin. There are things that you have to handle by yourself. My physical body is already incorporeal, and I can't help you even if I wanted to."

"Even then, you did a rather good job earlier. When you saw blood, your heart suddenly contracted, your hormones were released in great quantities, and your brain was revolving at a rapid speed. This means that combat and blood make you excited. This is an innate conditional reflex and is your gift."

Xia Fei frowned. "If I get excited by seeing blood, wouldn't I become a homicidal maniac?"

Phantom laughed. "It is useless to resist. Your mind might not like combat and blood, but your body is showing a completely opposite reaction. I advise you to slowly adapt to it. That day, when I saw you consuming the gene optimization fluid and receiving the violent impact from your seventh brain region, you didn't give up. You even persevered when you saw that the end of your life was already irreversible. Your unyielding willpower had influenced me, which was why I helped you."

"A bloodthirsty instinct and unyielding willpower. These are all the gifts to become an outstanding warrior. You are destined to not have an ordinary life. Alright, I shall not waste time speaking with you. I will return to study my poem. 'Bodhi is fundamentally without any tree, while the bright mirror doesn't have a stand either.' To be honest, it is too brilliant! I am considering if I should study Buddhism."

Xia Fei was speechless towards Phantom. "You are a super assassin, why are you learning Buddhism? Aren't you ignoring your real profession?"

Phantom replied without disapproving. "I am different from you. I became an assassin due to an accident. If I hadn't encountered my master, I would have been a romantic poet. Be it my mind or my body, they are innately resistant to combat. While you are a natural warrior. Our genetic talents are entirely different. How can you understand my sufferings?"

Phantom was like an obsessed person, and before Xia Fei could reply, he had already run back to his little paradise to study Buddhism.

This was truly the greatest joke. An assassin that the entire universe feared was actually a romantic poet at his core, while an ordinary bicycle courier was actually a warrior that thirst for battle.

Could it be that every person had a hidden genetic talent that they couldn't resist but had yet to realize?

With such a major incident like the hijacking of the plane, the federal government paid close attention. All of the passengers on the plane were investigated by the federal investigation bureau. Xia Fei, Andre, Wu Long, who were directly involved in the matter, had to go through a detailed interrogation.

After staying in Hawaii for a day, Xia Fei once again boarded the plane to New York. But this time, he was riding on the Rothschild Family's private jet.

The private jet had less space than the A380, which was massive, but it was much more comfortable. The genuine leather seat was emitting a faint fur clothing fragrance while the walnut wood table had grain lines that were distinct and elegant, low-key yet luxurious.

"Back on the plane, how did you realize that the detonator was actually on the youth?" The bald man, Wu Long, drank a mouthful of vodka before asking.

The trio had been separated for interrogation by the investigation bureau and didn't have the chance to have a discussion. As such, Wu Long couldn't help but ask about the incident on the plane after they met up.

"It was self-evident. The youth was the hijack incident's mastermind, as that sturdy man with the bomb was very respectful to the youth. One of them was the master, while the other was a subordinate. Think about it, as a master, would you let your life be in the hands of your subordinate? As such, I concluded that if the bomb were real, the detonator must be in the hands of that youth. He definitely wouldn't allow that sturdy man who was obviously lacking IQ to hold the detonator as it was too dangerous."

"Afterwards, I carefully observed that youth. His right hand's bandage had traces of blood, and it moved very unnaturally. He was meticulously protecting his hand, and it meant that his right hand was injured. The detonator had to be done manually, and since his right hand was injured, he could only use his left hand to detonate the bomb."

"I don't know if any of you noticed. His left hand would subconsciously and frequently touch his pocket. Since the moment he stood up until the moment he placed his hand in the pocket, he touched it a total of four times. Furthermore, his pocket was bulging, and it was obvious that something was inside."

After listening to Xia Fei's explanation, Andre and Wu Long revealed an inconceivable expression.

"Truly unbelievable. Have you received some special training? Otherwise, how can you be so observant and be able to analyze the situation so thoroughly?" Andre asked.

Xia Fei chuckled and replied, "It is nothing much. I used to be a bicycle courier, and I had to deliver letters to all sorts of people. It is natural for me to learn some observation skills as it was a requirement from the job."

Wu Long touched his bald head and had an embarrassed expression. "Sigh, after you said it like that, I feel that I was too reckless. I have lived in vain for 36 years."

"Forget it, just let the past incident go. Regardless, the most important thing is that we all are alive now. I just wanted to ask you. How did you know they were the members of the Black Snake Gang? What kind of organization is this Black Snake Gang?" Xia Fei consoled Wu Long before asking.

Once the Black Snake Gang was mentioned, Wu Long was immediately invigorated. "There are plenty of Ability Users on Earth, and it is said that the number is over 10,000. There are some famous criminals of the olden days who have also unlocked their seventh brain region and have become Ability Users. The Black Snake Gang is formed with these criminals who possess abilities. They use their abilities to cause trouble everywhere, and they're a nuisance to even the federal government."

It seemed like Andre already knew as he was just listening quietly without interrupting.

Xia Fei took out a stick of Hongtashan cigarette and lit it up for himself. "So that is the case. Criminals with abilities are indeed troublesome. There is nothing to be done as this is a new era. Everyone has the chance to become an Ability User, and it doesn't matter if they are good or bad."

Wu Long nodded repeatedly. "That is true. The publicly announced number of Ability Users in the federation is 10,000, but there are plenty of criminals who aren't registered in the A-class Citizen Management Office. The actual number should be around 11,000."

"I am originally a private investigator and have once been involved with a Black Snake Gang's case. Therefore, I know that Black Snake Gang's members would have a black snake's tattoo on their bodies. When that sturdy man ripped his leather jacket, he revealed the black snake's tattoo on his chest. That was how I could immediately recognize that they were from the Black Snake Gang."

Xia Fei had also noticed it, but he didn't know the significance of the tattoo and didn't really treat it as vital information.

"How did they bring the bomb onto the plan?" Xia Fei asked, "The airport's security checks are very stringent. They were actually able to overtly strap the bomb on their bodies and enter. Could there be a mole within the airport security?"

Wu Long shook his big head. "I don't understand, either."

"I have already asked around. The youth who hijacked the plane was ranked 7th in the Black Snake Gang, and his ability was 'Screen.' He could create a space, and no one would be able to detect the items placed in the space, it couldn't be detected by probes either. That sturdy man was an external member of the Black Snake Gang and didn't have any abilities. He was this operation's human bomb." Andre spoke unhurriedly.

With Rothschild Family's influence, it wasn't difficult for them to find out such information. The entire federal government was filled with shadows of the Rothschild Family. This massive family had already been bound tightly with the Earth Federation, and they were inseparable.

"The cause of everything can be explained by this thing." Andre pointed at the secured briefcase that was made of aluminum alloy.

"I am already aware that someone is targeting me. To bring this item back to New York, I have transferred from Athens to Moscow, to Ulaanbaatar, to Beijing, then to New York. I have made such a huge detour to shake off the Black Snake Gang's members. I split up with my bodyguard and attendant during the journey to divert their attention. I didn't expect to still be tracked down by them." Andre spoke in a resentful tone.

Xia Fei thought for a moment and asked with doubts. "With the influence of the Rothschild Family, couldn't you just directly ask for assistance from the federal government? Could it be that the Black Snake Gang would dare to publicly go against the federal government?"

Andre let out a bitter smile. "It is because we don't wish for the federal government to know about this thing. It is a pity that they still found out."

Xia Fei and Wu Long were still greatly puzzled. "What exactly is this thing, and why is it so mysterious? Andre is willing to take the risk and doesn't wish for it to be revealed. Is it worth it?"

Andre placed the aluminum alloy briefcase on the table and took out a key from his suit's pocket to unlock the handcuff.

"Do you still remember what I told you?" Andre asked Xia Fei.

"I remember. Prehistoric relics."

Andre reached for the fingerprint lock on the briefcase and tried to open it.


Xia Fei used one hand to press on the case. "Since this item is of great significance to your family, I think that it is best that we don't see it."

Andre let out a gratified smile and said, "Now that the federal government knows, it doesn't matter if I show it to the two of you."

A red laser scanned across Andre's finger while Andre inserted in the mechanical code on the case before putting the key inside.

This small aluminum alloy briefcase actually had three levels of security protection. It was evident that this item was very precious.

Xia Fei and Wu Long stared closely at the case that was about to open while their hearts were filled with curiosity and expectations.

'If it isn't the Maya civilization, could it be that legendary, ancient, super civilization?'

Just as Xia Fei was thinking inwardly...


There was a sharp and clear sound as the passworded case gradually opened.

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