1385 Coming at the Foot Clan From Both Sides

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"It definitely isn't for the little turtles. How long has it been? April only leaked word of the little turtles a few days ago, right?" Selina pondered for a moment, then shook her head and ruled out the simplest possibility.

Luke pondered for a moment. "Not necessarily. They've fought the Foot Clan, although that only happened within the last two months."

Selina said, "But this surveillance should be more focused on Brooklyn, right? The little turtles in Queens don't go very far."

They bounced ideas off each other as they looked for leads.

It was easier to sort out thoughts in a debate. This was the principle of getting clearer and clearer with every argument — of course, haters who refused to admit defeat were the exception.

Pondering for a moment, Luke raised his hand and drew a simple chart on the screen. "Can you see it?"


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