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Super Cultivator Daddy

Cold Night

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Qin Feng was an undefeatable divine master. He was reincarnated 3000 years ago and back to his wife and daughter. At that time, Qin Feng had just partnered up with his friend to start a company. He was deep in debt and lived through the day by consuming an insane amount of alcohol. His cute daughter was completely disappointed in him and his wife wanted a divorce. Now that he had a chance to live that life once again, he wanted to stop doing things that he had once regretted. He wanted to protect his wife and daughter, and give them the happy life they should have got years ago. He did not care if he would not become the Qingyun Immortal again. All he wanted was to let his wife and daughter see hope, to bring back his broken family, and correct the mistakes he had made. For those, he was willing to sacrifice everything. And he would, because his past experience as the Qingyun Immortal in the cultivation world had granted him with unpredictably magical skills to deal with all the barriers he might have run into on the way to his goal.


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